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The Official Blurb Page

I've added a Rant Page so you can read about my latest gripe.

The Official Blurb Page

My 30 year class reunion is being celebrated a year late. I graduated from La Jolla High Schoolin San Diego in 1970. Although I can not attend the celebration I was inspired to send an essay accounting for my time since high school.

The inspiration came from several events that seemed to converge. The first event was reading a draft of a book about my dad's life centering on an organization that he started in La Jolla in 1969. This organization was called Strongly Oriented for Action (SOFA). The next event was my involvement with Oregon's history. While researching the pictures and links on the Oregon Time Line I became reacquainted with my fascination with history. The third event was an email from several classmates.

Well these events are the inspiration for the addition of more photographs of my life before my marriage to Terry in 1982. Yeah I know, another historical home page of worthless family photos. What the heck it's my server and bandwidth. If you are interested h…

The Official Blurb Page

Ok..Ok..I've done the M$ Adobe backslide on two sections of my server. My Wormley Design area and the new site are being developed using Adobe GoLive 5.0 on Window$ ME. I love Adobe GoLive 5.0 and since I'm also using it at work I must become proficient at it.

At the same time when I back away from Linux desktop tools I make break a through on the server side. I'm routing email for the SWSC site on my server. I'm also hosting the domain on the same server as . Now this is a small feat for a Internet Service Provider (ISP), but for me it is a big deal. It shows me that I'm finally making sense of all this Linux config stuff after two years of hacking!