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Starvation Creek

I took my family to the Columbia Gorge which is always a favorite day trip for us. We had no place in mind for the hike when we left, but my son Zak got hungry righ near Starvation Creek State Park so that is wherewe stopped for our hike. The Columbia Gorge is beautiful any time of the year. We traveled about 60 miles from our house to get to Starvation Creek.

This picture was taken near the base of the water fall. I did not get a good photo of the water fall but you can see how beautiful the area is from this photo. Using a self timer on my tri-pod I was able to get a fairly decent picture of my family stainding by the small water fall. There are larger water falls in the area but this is the first time that we visited this small and quite retreat. There were no large crowds at this water fall like there are at the world famous Multnomah Falls just a few miles west.

Wedding Anniversary

Well for some reason Terry and I are still married. We celebrated 22 years of marriage on April 24, 2003.

A Family Guy and Artist?

Well writing is therapy for me and I have to write to think. I am still in a daze over the death of my dad and the shock of being back in Portland after spending a few months in Texas. I supposed that shifting gears is supposed to be easy but for me now days it is not. One thing that I have realized is that throughout my life I have always had circles of friends that were very different from each other.

So what has stayed consistent during my transition from a boot wearing geek to a fleece jacket wearing soccer dad? The constant thread is the fact that I still like photography. So I am going to continue capturing images with the goal of kick starting my creative mind again. With this in mind I am taking my camera everywhere I go and have been taking pictures.

Back in PDX Again

What a shock to be back in the land of good coffee and rain. I suppose that when you fly from place to place the change in climate and local culture is more shocking to most. For me the trip that started at the Lone Worm Ranch near Winchester, Texas late in March and dragged me through LA and my dad̢۪s last days and funeral to Portland has change me forever. I left here full of optimism, purpose and direction and I return with a scary excitement of not knowing what I will do next.

Going Home Ceremony

The Going home ceremony for my dad was held today

Going Home

My dad, Rev. L. C. Wormley passed away today.