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Self Expression Leadership Program

The April 2005 Landmark Education SELP class picture July 28, 2005. If you click on the images a full size image will be available for printing.

This is the second picture taken at the SELP completion.

My first 100 miles in Texas

I reached 100 miles of riding in Texas last night. Riding in Texas with temperatures above 90 degrees and 80 percent humidity are a challenge, but I love it. I am doing training rides on Bee Caves Road between Loop 360 and HWY 71 in the West Lake area of Austin Texas.

The bike that I have is a custom Serrotta that is purple and yellow. I had the bike custom fitted in Portland Oregon at the Bike Gallery. I have owned the bike for about four years and each time I ride it the fit is so nice.

I am riding the hiles and currently averaging about 15 MPH over a distance of 18 miles. Having aero bars really helps here in Texas because there is always a wind blowing

Bastrop Pecan Trees

This is a Pecan tree in Bastrop

This is my hand against the trunk

These are pecans on the tree

These are the group of trees that I want to select from.

Sunday Morning Ride

I woke up early today and went for a ride on Bee Caves Road between Loop 360 and HYW 71 in Austin, Texas. I read on the Internet that Lance Armstrong won the final time trials with an average speed of 29 MPH. That is the speed that I go when I am going downhill.

I'm gradually building up my stamina so that I can ride longer distances. Today I did 17 miles and averaged 14.8 MPH. It was very humid and I watched the sweat drip on my bike as it fell from my forehead. It was a fun ride.

Movable Type Upgrade 2.64 --> 3.17

I upgraded my blog to the latest version last night. I took the easy route and exported my blog files and then installed the new version in a directory. After I made sure the new install workd I imported my blog files and here it is.

I tried to upgrade the blog using the upgrade scripts and it did not work. One reason that the upgrade scripts did not work is that my site was running in a cgi-bin configuration. I wanted to switch from this mconfiguration and tried to do it while upgrading. After failing I decided to just import the blog inot a new install.

I will be applying my style sheet soon.

Rebel without a pause

This is a color pencil drawing

The Dancer

This is my first painting that I have done in over 20 years. It is an acrylic painting measuring 30 x 40.

Austin Ponds

This image with the gold fish makes a great desktop picture

This is an image of a pond that I was a volunteer guide during the Austin Pond Society's 2005 Pond Tour

Back to Blogging

Well I have been away from the blog for a long time. I had forgotten my password and decided to spend some time and figure out how to get back in my blog and I did.