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Mother's Milky Whey

I am working on another color pencil drawing. I will include the working images in here.

This is my starting image. I am taking pictures to show progress as I define colors and figure out what I am drawing. I take a picture about every hour.

So as I was drawing this I wondered what was on the right image off the page. It is interesting that I often wonder what is over there off the canvas or illustration that was not drawn. Well I decide to tape another board next to the one that I was already working on and see for myself.

I currently have about 8 hours of work into this project

Laura Laundramat

I finished another drawing titled Laura Laundromat. This is a drawing that I got from an idea in my Landmark Education SELP notes. I started drawing this picture during my trip to Las Vegas, worked on it during my visit to Portland Oregon and finished it on 8/20 in Austin Texas.

Viva Las Vegas Not!

Which Hotel?

I got into Sin City yesterday afternoon and immediately left my brain on the aircraft that brought me here from Austin. I am so use to arriving and departing from small one terminal airports like Austin, Portland and Pomona that I had forgotten what it was like to be in a really crowded large airport (if you call Las Vegas large). This shows how Podunk I have become, but I am happy with it.

Anyway as I board a monorail to get to my baggage terminal I am in the midst of folks who are truly excited to be in Las Vegas to party and gamble. I am here to take a training class on software developed by Microsoft called SharePoint. I have been to Las Vegas before a few times in a car and have done lay overs in the airport on my way between Austin and LA or Portland so this is the first time that I have flown into the town and gotten out of the airport.

While I walked to the baggage claim my sensuous were assaulted by the ultimate marketing gauntlet. I can barley make it through …

Shut Up and Ride!

When I get on my custom Serotta Rapid Tour bike and get out on a ride I feel great. I forget all my problems and excuses of why I do not have time to ride and I enjoy my ride. This is when I repeat my slogan in my head "Shut Up and Ride".

Today I went to the Wild Flower Velloway in south Austin and rode 4 laps. Each lap is about 3 miles. I rode the first lap slow and relaxed, then I sprinted the next two laps and finished the last 1.5 miles slow. The velloway is a great place to train for speed and still be off the road away from cars. I like to spint until I am really tired and then ride to simulate a long ride.

Flat Dr. Pepper

I got a case of Dr. Pepper in plastic bottles at Costco in Austin, Texas and it is flat.