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My Cool Hat

I finally have a way to wear my hats again. My daughter Kalia Wormley gave me this really cool cap that she got at Disneyland. I was not able to wear it because my hair was too long and fluffy. I have started pulling it back into two Afro Puffs and now I can wear the cap.

The cap has a cool design. It features Chernabog a character from the animated Disney Feature Fantasia. The demon Chernabog was used with the music Night on Bald Mountain which I like very much.

Lone Worm Ranch Thanksgiving 2006

Well this was a very special Thanksgiving for me. It was a time for being thankful for a lot of things. For me it was a time of a lot of first time experiences. For one thing it was the first time that my sister and her family, my mother and my children celebrated Thanksgiving togather. It was the first time that my sister's husband and children have been to the ranch.

I have not cooked a meal for a family function in a few years so I was nervous. I fried a turkey and prepared barbeque ribs and brisket. I had never prepared these dishes, but I did it with the help of my daughter Kalia and son Zak. I can not wait to smoke some meat again.

The group photo has fro left to right starting with the front row, Kalia Wormley, Becca Vietze. On the second row is Zak Wormley, La Verne Wormley and Josh Vietze. On the back row is Lonnie Wormley, Deborah Vietze-Wormley, Sylvia McCormick and Peter Vietze.

Yeah it was a long weekend when I had a chance to start new memories and traditions.…

Palmeto State Park

This weekend Sylvia and I parked on the Palmetto State Park.� Palmetto State Park is about 60 miles away from Austin. It took about 1 hours of driving to get to the state park from where I live in the West Lake area of Austin.

There are more images from the trip on the photo archive web site.