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East Site Trailer Trash (ESTT)

When Sylvia and I got back to Austin we re-located the fifth-wheel to the east side of Austin. I am 2 miles from work. I could jog to Huston-Tillotson if I wanted to. This is the closest that I have ever lived to my place of employment.

There is a lot to be said about scaling down your junk. When I cam to Texas in late 2003 I left behind a 1300 square foot home, wife and two kids. I plied all of my belongings in a Toyota Camry and headed to Texas to help my dad build a home. Currently I am planning modifications to the interior of my 2006 Grand Junction 29DRL. It is beautiful inside, but I need some place to work as a graphic artist using my computer and colored pencils. Sylvia also needs space to work on the computer.

It is interesting to move from the far west side of Austin from the Westlake and RR 620 area to the central East site of Austin. I have wanted to live closer to the center of Austin ever since I came to Texas. All of my favorite restaurants are on the East Side…

Goin' Back to Houston

We arrived back in Houston last night at about 11 PM. Today we just relaxed by the pool and reflected on what a great trip we had. We just got back from seeing The Simpsons animated movie.

Zak and I spent most of the time in the pool playing basket ball. The pool had a basket ball and hoop so we invented a game that was fun and crazy. There were no fouls and we could splash water in the face of the shooter during a shot.

Chinoteague Island in Virginia

We dipped our feet in the Atlantic Ocean today. Zak wanted to touch the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in one summer. He accomplished his goal today. Seeing the sun rise over the ocean was a little odd for me because I grew up on the west coast so I am use to seeing the sun set over the ocean.

Zak and Lonnie at the Lincoln Memorial

Zak and I spent a lot of time today walking to the major Washington DC memorials. We were most impressed at how many buss loads of Korean nationals came to visit the Korean War Memorial.

At the Lincoln Memorial we saw the words of Dr. Martin Luther King "I have a Dream" carved in the stone at the top step.  I have seen many pictures of this memorial during my life and I never thought that I would actually visit this place with my son.  I was very happy that I could experience this with my son.  We walked a lot today and it was hot and humid but we had a lot of fun.

National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

We finally made it to the National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. Yesterday we got a late start because we played basketball in the morning. I then forgot my wallet at the RV park and had to return to get it. By the time we got to the museum it was too late to really see it so we went to a movie instead.

Today we got an early start and made a complete visit of the museum. The airplanes, jets and rockets were really cool. The tour guides are all retired military personnel that were former pilots or mechanics that worked on the aircraft. Our tour guide fought in WWII, Korea and the Vietnam wars. He gave an interesting perspective of the museums exhibits because he flew propeller airplanes and jets before he retired,

Zak's Walk to the Capital

Today I had a nice time exploring Washington DC with my son Zak. We are staying at an RV park in the Cherry Hill area of College Park. WE got from the RV park down to the National Mall using public transportation. Zak had never ridden on a public bus or subway so for him today was an adventure.

We went to the National Air and Space Museum to learn about the Wright brothers quest for flight. We saw many airplanes and learned all about the history of flight and the trip to the moon.

Zak at the National Zoo

Zak read that the zoo had something like 5,000 animals. He wanted to see the whole zoo in one day. I believe that we saw most of the animals that we on display.

Zak at North Carolina

After leaving South Carolina we continued on for North Carolina.

Zak in Georgia

After leaving Alabama we continued on for Georgia.

Zak in Mississippi

After the flat tire, Zak cools off in the RV park pool

Zak in Louisiana

After leaving Texas we continued on for Louisiana.