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Riding a John Deer tractor into the sunset

Tonight I was shredding the fields on the Lone Worm Ranch and I was in awe of the bright orange sunset. I got the tractor out to the ranch around 5 PM. I wanted to run the tractor until it got dark. I always get a peacful frame of mind when I am riding on the tractor across the fields.

Tonight it was especially beautiful as I watched the big red sun slide down to the horizon. the oak trees made a nice black contrast against the flaming sky. There was no one out in the field but me, the tractor and thousands of grass hoppers and other bugs.

Lucy the Devil’s Daughter

I watched DJ Jesus on Lucy the Devil’s Daughter tonight on [Adult Swim].  I must say I like it better than Robot Chicken (RC).  I am getting into RC but it is still a little beyond me.

Windows Vista

I rebuilt my FC 5 box that I have had since 2002 into a Windows Vista Ultimate box.  I splirged on the graphics card and the monitor.  My old P3 laptop was 8 years old and I could not do nay serious graphic or web development on it any more.

Who am I? I am a problem solver.

Who am I? I am a problem solver. I have always solved problems for hire and other people’s problems before my own. I have solved computer problems with a vengeance. Listed below are answers to a problem that I will solve on my truck. My possibility is to create my ideal truck. I have always envied folks who have taken the time to express themselves with the vehichel that thy drive. I waited until my old Toyota was dead and gone to pain it. I told myself that I would wait until it was too old to sell and then play with it. Well the waiting game does not cut it. I want to have fun with my truck while it is still running. I will always keep this truck running.

Anyway here is the information and technical reasons for dual wheels that are larger and look cool. BTW, my truck has 17 inch rims with 8 bolts. The conversion to a 10 bold will require an adapter plate. This company is in Houston.

Top Ten reasons to convert to the Big Wheels!

#1: Most 4x4’s are…