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California Soul

I love the music the new Dockers commercial. I knew that I had heard it in my past. Of course you can find anything using Google so my search lead me to YouTube. I grew up in California during the Watts riots and the Summer of Love so the 5th Dimension were one of my favorite groups. This group of Afro American hippy sell outs were amazing in the way that they sang and marketed the hippy movement with a clean California style.

Below I have links to differend versions of the California Soul song so enjoy.

Marlena Shaw - California Soul

MidTown RV Park 360 loop via Stratford Drive and Airport Bl.

Today I left the MidTown RV Park located at 7th and Airport.  I rode 25 miles yesterday at the Veloway and on South MoPac.  Today I wanted to ride what I consider one of my most challenging rides.  I added this route to Bikely.  I just joind the web site.  It is really cool.  I knew that this ride had a lot of elevation but I was surprised to look at the profile to see that it has 1,861 feet of elevation.

I started my ride in East Austin with a leisurely ride down 5th street and then on 2nd street towards downtown Austin.  I switched over to Cesar Chavez to make my way across the Colorado River for the first time on Congress.  I passed through the trendy restaurant row on Barton Springs and then turned off into Zilker Park.  This part of the ride is all flat and the real excitement started as I ventured on to Stratford Drive.

Right after I passed the boat rental I dropped into my granny gear and prepared to stand up and climb the 1/8 mile very steep hill. Stratford Drive has some very s…

Open Source Service Companies

The Jump Box web site is inspiring as I see one more company capitalizing on the services industry that feeds off of open source software. I suppose that if you do not have the time or experience then you can rely on these services. Seasoned IT geeks like myself grew up with Linux and can appreciate the logic behind saving time when using any product.
What I want to point out is that there is paid support for any open source solution that we want to consider. An IT department does not want to place their business partners in a situation where any of the supplied solutions are not supported by outside vendors. IT departments must always want to allow their business partners an alternative to acquiring support for an installed solution. Ideally the on site staff can support most applications, but when times get rough you gotta have a second opinion and paid support must be available.

Speed Test using Road Runner Turbo

Doing some testing. I have not tweaked my TCP/IP stack yet. i am running Vista from Austin, Texas at the Midtown RV park using Time Warner Cable Road Runner Turbo.

GPS now working

Lady Bird Johnson Lake, Chicon Street to MoPac Loop was estimated to be 7.5 miles. Today I used my GPS to measure  the run and it came out to be 8.27 miles from my Truck at the upper parking lot.  I ran for 1 hour 22 minutes and max at 12.8 mph with a moving average of 6 mph and an over all average of 5.5 mph.  I started at 8 PM in the evening and it was about 75 degrees and humid.

I had to slow down for the past two weeks.  I felt a train in my right quadriceps's rectus femoris muscle.  I biked to work every day last week and this week so far.  My bike commute is the shortest in my life.  I have about a 2 mile one way commute.  I am riding my Cannondale Jekyll.  I have never bike commuted my my mountain bike.