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2008 Austin City Limits

Well I went to another amazing ACL festival this weekend.

Breaking through my barriers

I am training for Bandera 100k Trail Race in January so this is why I am running this race in Palo Duro.  I have been preparing for endurance running since last year.  Currently my longest run is 20.36 miles.  When I was in my forum the leader, Steve Zaffron was 70 years old and he was doing 100 mile runs in the Rockies.  His goal was to be the strongest man for his age.  This really inspired me.

I had stopped running in my early thirties because of knee injuries.  I am 56 years old now. I had been telling myself that I could not run. So after Landmark Education training I started creating some possibilities and my life was being transformed.  There were several areas that Landmark provided me with tools to make my life fulfilling.  I transformed relationships at work, home and with my children, but I wanted more.  I wanted to really challenge myself to do something that I had no way of figuring out how to do it except that I was going to take a big leap of faith and say that I wanted …

20.36 miles, My longest run in my life

Last weekend I ran 16 miles.  This weekend I ran 20.36 miles.

The LBJ Lake loop (minus the MoPac to Ist street 2 miles)

Total distance: 8.05 mi

Total Time: 1:34

Avg Pace: 11:40 per mi

Total Ascent: 1214 Ft

Total Descent: 1208 Ft

The Barton Creek loop

Total distance: 10.31 mi

Total Time: 2:26

Avg Pace: 14:12 per mi

Total Ascent: 3280 Ft

Total Descent: 3277 Ft

Total distance 20.36