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My best Christmas in a long time

I am having the best holiday season in a long time. My son Zak is visiting me here in Austin.  I have not seen him for about 2 years.  I started the holiday season by carving pumpkins for Holloween.  I decided to give up my bah humbug attitude that I have had since moving to Texas. I miss being with my children and I miss them especially during the holidays.  I suppose that I finally reached the conclusion that I have to move on to a new phase in my life and my children will be a part of my holiday celebration some of the time and not all of the time.

So this picture is another self portrait.  Most of the time I am so serious, but when I took this picture I was really happy.

Christmas Crispy Duck

My first You Tube video. Sylvia and I got a Web Cam for our one year wedding anniversary

Whoo Hoo, Wacom 12 x 19 Tablet is here

It has been a long time since I have had a Wacom tablet connected to my computer.  It all started when I left Oregon and built a new computer. My first Wacom tablet had a serial connection and new computer motherboards do not have thsi conenction.  Another factor was that Wacom drivers for Windows Vista does not support the serial interface. So I have been without a real electronic drawing devise for about 3 years.

Well finally I boke down and decided to help the economy and buy a new 12x19 Wacom tablet. I purchased the tablet after trying to draw a logo for a Logo Tournament. Thsi was the last straw.  If I want to compete in designing fast logos and creating new drawings for my comic I needed to get a new tablet. Well I got one and it arrived yesterday.

Currently I am getting myself reaquainted with how it works, but I am already planning several projects that will jump start my drawing efforts.  Expect to see some improvement in the quality of the scans of the 25 year old drawings on …

The Legend of Samantha (LOS)

Finally I am making progress on getting my comic book online. I have the framework up and all I have to do now is scan the old ink drawings into my computer and upload them to the new comic blog site.  The site is located here:

BunMart Intergalactic Challenge 2008

My first run at Bandera was just wonderful.  I carpooled with my buddy Stephanie and we arrived at 7:30 AM and it was 28 degrees.  We sat in the car and waited for signs on life to appear.  Soon the parking lot was buzzing with crazy folks getting ready to run. I was wondering if I would soon discover that I had forgotten some essential part of equipment like my running shoes.

Before the run got underway we all gathered around Jason's truck where all the goodie bags were stored.  Henry was standing in the back giving a lecture on the course and handing out maps.  After the course description he started tossing out goodie bags by shirt size to the first person to raise their hand to claim it. I usually do not like holiday gift exchanges but this was the most unique white elephant exchange that I have participated in.  If you did not like your bag you still got the best gift of all and that was the run.

We all started out on the first 10 mile loop and soon separated into a fast pace g…