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Fox News does it again

What will the Republicans do now?  After 8 years of saying that if you do not support the president you are not an American are they going to be un-American now and not support the President of The United States?
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Bandera 2009 100 K

Setting my goal
I ran my first Ultra Marathon 100k (62.14 mile) Endurance Trail Run this past Saturday January 10, 2009.  My goal that I set in August was to run 100k at Bandera.  At the time the longest distance that I had run was 14 miles around LBJ Lake in Austin.  I did not have any idea how to prepare for running 100k, but I trusted my coach Robert Heynen when he said, if you do the work you will do the 100k.
Human interaction required
There are a lot of things that you can learn from books and on the Internet, trail running is not one of this things. I have taught myself a lot of skills from reading books and the Internet.  I learned HTML and how to manage a Linux server by reading.  There comes a time when you want to learn something that is bigger than you can grasp and that is when you need a coach or a mentor.

My coach, Robert Heynen, is like a tribal elder.  He is passing on a skill using words and real time experience to teach successful trail running.   The art of trail runni…