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Long over due web development

I have been revising my web pages.  The Wormley Design has been re-designed.  I removed the Joomal site which only had one page.  Joomla is over kill for simple sites.  I use Joomla for clients that want to edit their site of for larger community sites.  I have developed a static page site for the Wormley Design site.  

I am putting some simple slide shows on the pages.  The slide shows are being developed in Adobe CS4 Encore. I have stayed away from Flash development on my web pages for some time.  I am getting into Flash development because more clients want it on their sites.  I am still focusing my efforts on W3C compliant pages that are simple and easy to read. Flash slide shows also remove the need to have a gallery or another page with a bunch of images for the casual web site visitor.

I'm going to finish up this weekend and add some slide shows of my artwork to the LauniArt site

Mac or Windows, or just a computer to do a task.

Today I had my first work day with my MacBook Pro.  I am writing another Blog about my experience using Mac only tools.  The blog is called iMacFool. My department director and network administrator had a lot of fun with trying to figure out why I was using a Mac.  The department director is a Mac user and he scoffed at me using VMware Fusion to put my virtual machine of my old Windows laptop on my Mac.  The network administrator razzed me as a free thinker that does not process in a lineal fashion.

So in that moment I relized that what I had been waiting fo was truly in my hands.  I wanted to get a MacBook Pro not because I wanted to run the Mac OS only. I wanted a MacBook Pro because I believe Apple Computer has finally got it right, they have harnessed the Intel processor, good industrial design and BSD with the Apple brand.  I have been waiting to come back to a Mac for 10 years.  I ahve waited for a computer to truly keep up with me and do exactly what I want all on one piece of h… is now back to

My experiment with having a design blog and a personal blog has ended.  I do not have enough time to maintain two blogs.  So I have merged my personal blog back to this URL where it was for several years.  The migration was very simple thanks to WordPress. I'll bet the original Screws in my coffee banner back soon.

I'll use the for art and nothing else.