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What is broke, the tool or how we use it?

A hammer can hit your thumb just has hard as it can hit a nail.  When it hits your thumb it will hurt.  When it hits a nail it will do some work.

Noir Politics or Black political humor on a Sunday

I normally do not get on polical rants on my personal blog, but here goes.  I posted a few comments about these graphics on my Facebook  page and I thought I would add them to my blog for a more comprehensive commentary on my political views right now. BTW, this is a work in progress. Also just because it is on the Internet does not mean that i t is true.  the Billion Dollor Gram that I have linked in this posting has data that is unverified, but it supports my way of thinking so I am using it in my one sided debate between me and you (if anybody waste time in reading this).

When I voted for Obama I really voted for a cool looking  logo. I figure if a candidate takes time to have a good looking logo he has attention to details. Did I get hung up on the real change campaign spin? Real change will never happen with one president, or even with politics. The world will change when each individual changes. Hey there is change every day. On second thought if I change my point of view it is j…

How to update a picture in DNN

In this video I will show how to update a picture in a HTML module. Click here for a larger playback size.

Dot Net Nuke Template Pages

I used Jing for the first time to do some documentation on how to use Dot Net Nuke.

Click here for a larger play back.