HP hardware supported by Linux

I have been searching for a way to get an old HP DL 380 G3 to boot CentOS 5.4.  It has problems with Grub.  I am going to try this solution. BTW this is my first post using Adobe Contribute.

Quoted from http://www.hyper-linux.org/HP-HOWTO/current/hp-hardware.html:

HP hardware supported by Linux

DL 360/380 G3

To install/use these machines under redHat 7.3 or 9, you have to pass the following parameter on the command line at boot time ide=nodma. You may also use the following command in the file /etc/rc.local

/sbin/hdparm -d0 /dev/hda

If the fans of DL360 G3 machines do not have an acceptable noise level after the boot either you install the hpasm driver for your distribution, or you update the BIOS of your machine (2003-04-08 or upper) P31


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