Nubian Diamond Dawg Flower Child

[caption id="attachment_1352" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Nubian Flower Child circa 1980"]Nubian Flower Child circa 1980[/caption]

So where did this drawing come from? Well for this drawing I got the inspiration from a drawing for my comic book that I drew in 1980. I do not know why I have a fascination with drawing portraits with my bizarre hippie trippie style.  When I started drawing this image I thought that I was drawing a woman.  As I now look at the finished work it sort of looks like a man.  A lot of my drawings start out one way and end up another way.

I am a very moody person and my drawings reflect the way I am feeling.  On one level my art conveys my emotional state during the time that I am working on the drawing. For example when I draw portraits that are smiling, I am happy and when I draw portraits with a sad look, I am sad.  So this drawing the Nubian Flower Child has a dazed look.  This is how I felt during the course of creating this drawing.  The end of the year is always a time for me to tune out and try to duck all of the Christmas chaos that everyone seems to get. What is the Christmas sprit? Is it a good feeling or a bad feeling? For me it is just a feeling that sort or radiates all year. The drawing has an aura of diamonds with a blue glow around the face of the Nubian.

The Diamond Dawg reference is to David Bowie's album Diamond Dogs. I spell dogs dawgs because I live in Georgia since 1/11/2010. There are so many Georgia State logos all over with the Bulldog so I decided to spell it the same way.  I love David Bowie's music so when I think about Ziggy Stardust and the Spider's from Mars my mind always wondered how the words to his music would look.  A lot of my drawings are influenced by music.

[caption id="attachment_1350" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Nubian Diamond Dwag Flower Child"]Nubian Diamond Dwag Flower Child[/caption]

So what does a diamond dawg look like.  Well in my world an afro hair-do with diamonds and a face with long bull dog jowls. Most of the time my art is a mashup of lots of things that are rolling around in my head.

This drawing took about 18 days with 5 to 7 hours of work in the evenings while watching Netflix.  I am in the middle of season three, the final season of Veronica Mars.  I discovered this series about two months ago.  My last two drawings were done watching this series.  The Veronica Mars storyline takes place in a town and highschool similar to the one that I went to.  I went to La Jolla High in San Diego.  Veronica Mars went to Neptune High in Balboa County.  I love watching TV series that were filmed oin southern California where I grew up.  I can spot places in southern California in scenes where I have been.  I always enjoy trying to figure where stuff is or which beach they are really at.

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