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Wormley Georgia Southern RR (WGSRR)

I have always wanted a garden railway. Like a lot of my dreams and plans some day never appears on a calendar and the only way dreams become a reality is by getting them out of my head and into the real world. this series of blog post is just that. I am planning my rail road. I will define my ere and all buildings with these engine as a basis for the WGSRR. I love the F5 and F7 engines manufactured by GM.

[caption id="attachment_1706" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Last Exile"][/caption]I have been watching an anime series on Netflix titled The Last Exile. At first I did not like how the environment was mixed up with historic references to technology that did not fit (at least in my mind). for example, the series has WW2 type flying machines, and large flying battle ships, but no wireless communication technology. I have learned to enjoy anomie and they way that fantasy environments can be pure imagination. It is with this mindset…

Ground Hog Purple Daze

[caption id="attachment_1445" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Andie MacDowell in L'Oréal ad"][/caption]

I am working on another drawing.  I decided to write this blog entry as I was drawing and then publish the entry when I finish the drawing.  This drawing is another in my Oh My Girls series.  I chose a picture of Andie McDowell from a L'Oréal ad.

I started the drawing the first weekend after returning from a visit to my sister's home in New Jersey for the holidays.  I had the blizzard of 2010 fresh on my mind when I was looking through the September 2010 edition of O magazine looking for inspiration.  When I saw Andie's picture I selected it and started to draw.  I had Ground hog Day in my NetFlix queue so I set the movie to start and went to my work.

So much of my art work is influenced by the mash up of music and movies that I have slammed into my mind over the years.  Ground Hog Day is one of my all time favorite movies.…

Making Home Made Bread

[caption id="attachment_1457" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Fresh Bread"][/caption]

I have finally started making bread, again. I use to make bread from scratch way back when I was cooking at Camp Mozumdar in the San Bernardino mountains in California. My recipes at that time came from the Joy of Cooking. I modified the recipies to include whole wheat flour. I even had a Jewish woman teach me how to make Challah. I remember how much energy it took to knead the dough, especially when you were making more than one loaf at a time. Making bread now days is really easy and any cave man like me can do it.

My wife Sylvia purchased a bread machine a few months ago. I did not know that we had a bread machine until I commented about good bread during a conversation over breakfast while visiting my sister in New Jersey. It was during this conversation that I wished for a bread machine. My wife then informed me that we already had one. She sa…

Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC) build list

I am building another computer for personal use.  I have posted on this blog a few years ago about building a server optimized for virtualzation. I have converted my existing desktop tower into a machine that is running virtual desktops, but it is not very fast.  I desperately need a DVR to get back into recording media from televised broadcasts. I am going to use this blog post to take notes for my next Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC).

Premium Home Theater PC CaseAntec Fusion Remote Max. With support for Standard ATX motherboards, the Fusion Remote Max is spacious enough for dual graphics cards, enabling you to build the ultimate home theater PC, perfect not only for enjoying digital media, but for playing the latest games. This case features a stylish aluminum front bezel with an LCD, a built-in IR receiver and a remote control to work the included iMEDIAN HD software. If that weren’t enough, the quiet-running 140mm fan and noise-reducing design provide whisper-quiet operati…

Happy New Year 2011 (or wake up and smell the coffee)

I have a new favorite song by the Hives, it is titled Early Morning Wake Up Call. The first version was done by Flash in the Pan and was used in the movie Easy Rider. Dennis Hopper died last year so it is fitting that I am remembering 2010 with the reference to a movie that Dennis Hopper starred in.

I just completed a road trip to visit my mother and sister who live in New Jersey.  Currently I am living in Albany Georgia so the trip was a dramatic cultural journey from the deep south to the big cities of the north east.  It was also a journey on free and open roads in the south to congested toll roads of the north. If you took time to view the video clip from the movie Easy Rider you can get some understanding on why I love to drive.  I watched this movie some time ago, but my love for watching the road and scenery go by has not left my list of things that I love to do. The morning wake up call is what the world may be going through at the moment.  After most US citizens wake up after …