Wormley Georgia Southern RR (WGSRR)

I have always wanted a garden railway. Like a lot of my dreams and plans some day never appears on a calendar and the only way dreams become a reality is by getting them out of my head and into the real world. this series of blog post is just that. I am planning my rail road. I will define my ere and all buildings with these engine as a basis for the WGSRR. I love the F5 and F7 engines manufactured by GM.

[caption id="attachment_1706" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Last Exile"]Last Exile[/caption]I have been watching an anime series on Netflix titled The Last Exile. At first I did not like how the environment was mixed up with historic references to technology that did not fit (at least in my mind). for example, the series has WW2 type flying machines, and large flying battle ships, but no wireless communication technology. I have learned to enjoy anomie and they way that fantasy environments can be pure imagination. It is with this mindset that I will work to create my garden railway. I will work to a scale, but I will mash up all of the historic technology that I like. Another anamie that has this technological mash up is Origins of the Spirit Past. This is a beautiful film that has a deep environmental message it it. It also has a huge train in it.

So this miniature world that I will create my G-scale garden railroad in will be very interesting. I will maintain certain attributes like scale and building methodss that are easy to work with. Other attributes like trying to duplicate a time period will be total blown out of the watter.

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