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Chrome OS

I have been running the Chrome OS on my ASUS NetBook for about a week.  I really like it and Chrome OS has broken the strangle hold that my iPad has had as my preferred mobile computing device.  The only reason that I use my iPad is because it has 3G built in.  If my NetBook had a 3G option I would use it exclusively.

The only thing that I have not found a solution for is a good way to remote desktop to a Windows Server.  I have not explored every application, but I tried a few and they did not do what I wanted.  For now I am going to switch back to the default OS and use the NetBook with Windows 7 Starter Edition.  I like the fact that with the Net Book I can install the major OS of my choice.  I will try to install Linux next.

My blog is open for comments.

For most of it's existence I have not allowed comments to my blog with prior registration and approval by me.  Starting today I am allowing comments.  I want to see who makes comments and it the anti spam program Akismet really works.

My Blog was running on my home server, for a few days

My Blog was running on my home server for a few days until I resolved the problems with my site because SiteGround wanted to charge me for a problem that I believe they caused. I will always manage my WordPress configuration outside of the CPANEL Fantastico script wizard from now on. I have my blog sort of mirrored at I'll automat the backup soon.

I have had an ordeal with my hosting provider Site Ground.  This is the second major service event that I have experienced with them in my 5 year business relationship.  My first falling out was when they said I had been upgraded to unlimited storage.  when I proceeded to load all of my images to the server they baulked and said that the policy did not include multimedia files.  static images were considered multi media.  I decided to host my own cloud server for my stuff in my home.  since moving to Georgia I have set up my server and it is working great.

I did have to redirect my personal blog to my home serve…

I am going to be a DJ

Well I added a new category to my blog, Blues.  Why did I do this, well I am going to accomplish something that I have always wanted to do, be a DJ at a radio station.  Not sure why I have never actively pursued this passion until now, but I am doing it now.

As a visual artist I have long listend to music as I created art or worked on web sites or other computer projects.  Music has always provided a great back drop for my creativity.  I have also enjoyed attending live music performances.  I wish I could go to more concerts and festivals, but lets say I just love music.

So why be a DJ on a radio station when there is all of these digital streams for music on the Internet?  Well good old fashioned radio is a lost art form.  Listening to a live DJ select music from a music library can expose you to new music.  A good DJ can spin a mood or tell a story just by the playlist that he has selected for the show. I want to bring some of the personal interaction and local flavor to my radio show…