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2,000 miles on my feet

Here are my stats as of today.

218 Activities

1,002.12 mi

256:12:10 h:m:s

Elevation Gain:
11,791 ft

Avg Speed:
3.9 mph

115,833 C

My first one hour run

This morning I ran for one hour without stopping.  This is not the first time that I have accomplished this feat.  In fact I have run for several hours just 4 years ago when I was an avid trail runner.  What is significant for this one hour run for me is that I am slowly repeating what I did before in that I am building up my endurance so that I can run a marathon.

Setting goals in life is very beneficial to the quality of how you live.  If you are successful in one area of your life you will also see benefits in other areas.  The flip side of this is also true, if you have barriers in one area of your life those same barriers will exist in other parts of your life.

My goal for the year was to walk 1,000 miles in 2012.  I am modifying this goal to state that I will travel 1,000 miles or more under my own power (and not on a bike).  I have had the experience of great running coaching when I lived in Austin, Texas.  One of the challenges for me now is that I do not want to over train and …

My first 3.26 mile run in 2012

So today I decided to take a shorter walk before I started running.  I walked 3.26 miles before running and I walked 1.08 miles after running.  I ran the full loop around the main part of the Doublegate Golf course near my house.

I walked 902 miles in the first 6 months of 2012.  I started doing 1 and 2 mile runs at the end of my 5 mile walks during June.  My milage when down for June almost half of my 205 miles that I walked in April.  During June I was laying tile in the kitchen almost every weekend so this may be a factor.

Anyway my goal is to gradually work up to running further and build my endurance back up so that I can run long distances like I was running in Austin.  What is difficult for me is walking knowing that I want to be running.  Trail running uses different muscles than running on pavement.  I am making every effort to protect my fragil knees by walking on pavement and running only on non-paved surfaces.  The closest big stretch of non-paved surface is the golf course.