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Why Do I Like Bike Commuting

All to often I forget about the things that truly bring joy to my life.  Most of the things in this category are things that are very simple, things that I can do by myself or they have a direct function and immediate benefit.  Two of the things that fall into this list are drawing and bike commuting.  I have a post on why I draw here, but for this post I'll discuss why I bike commute.

I like getting on a bike and using it for transportation, exercise and cycletherapy.  Exercise for me has to have other functions in order for me to be inspired to do it everyday.  Even though I enjoy walking and running I do not like doing these activities in a loop or just to fill up some designated time.  Bike commuting has a purpose, you have to get to work at a certain time.  Once you are at work if you want to get home you have to use your human power and ride your bike.  This sort of functional logic may seem draconian to some, but that is what really inspires me to ride.  I am the power of my…

My first bike commute in Albany GA

When diesel gets to $4.00 a gallon and I get a huge cut in my pay it is time to break out the old Serrotta and start commuting by bike.  I have bike commuted off and on to every day job that I have had since the mid 1980's until now.  I rode my bike to work in Orange California, Portland, Oregon, Austin, Texas and now Albany, Georgia.

This is the second shortest bike commute that I have had which is about 8.5 miles.  When I lived a trailer in Austin, Texas at one point I had a 7 mile bike commute one way.  My rule of the bike commute is that I need to ride at least twice as long as it takes me to shower and get to my desk to make it worth the effort.  In Portland my direct ride to work was about 12 miles one way.  To make the ride more interesting sometimes I would take a longer route and do about 25 miles on my way to work.  I will most likely start to do this in Albany because I always have a hard time starting a ride, but once I start i have a hard time stopping.  riding a bike …

Convert RHEL 6 to CentOS 6.3

Every so often I search the Internet and I find what I am looking for to solve a problem.  This site has all of the steps to do what I wanted to do.  I have a server at my house that has been turned off for a few months.  It had an expired RHEL 6 license and I did not want to continue to pay for the subscription since the client that I built it for was no longer my customer.  I did want to continue to use the server so I wanted to convert it to CentOS.  I found some simple steps and then I tweaked them for the current release.

So these are the steps to upgrade from RHEL 6 to CentOS 6.3

# yum clean all
# mkdir ~/centos
# cd ~/centos
# wget
# wget
# wget
# wget…