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Week 47 Cycling

With the Thanksgiving Holiday week requiring me to work Monday and Tuesday I did not bike commute for the rest of the week.  Last week I had to drive Sylvia to the dentist so I did not bike commute on Wednesday or Friday.  For week 46 I only rode 46 miles.  I wanted to ride to make up for the mileage that I missed in week 46 plus keep my miles up during week 47.  My goal is to ride at least 100 to 120 miles each week.

For week 47 I rode 170.21 miles according to my bike computer.  My odometer reads 1,358.9 miles in my 3 years in Georgia.  I have ridden 1,039 miles this year since September 24 2012.

My longest ride to date is 66 miles.  I rode to Dawson yesterday and it was a hard ride out to Dawson because there was a very strong headwind blowing from the west.  I enjoyed the tail wind on GA 32 as I rode back to Albany.  I wanted to do a metric century on my birthday last April and I just did not get it done, so this was my 60 mile birthday ride a few months late.  I will make the 61 mi…

Tune out the voice in your head

I am really inspired about my latest drawing. The image on this page is the bottom right corner of my current work in progress. Most of the time I have a vision of what I am drawing, but there are times when I turn my mind off and let my emotions and artistic ability flow onto the illustration board through the colored pencils without thinking about what is going on. It is in these times when I am at peace. When I tune out the voice in my head that tells me I'm doing it wrong or that I am using the wrong color or that I'm not good enough, this is when I have the freedom to draw like I want.

I rode my bike 134 miles this week and my odometer for bike rides in Georgia since January 2010 is at 1,142 miles.  This year alone I have ridden my bike 835.09 miles. I am getting to the point with my cycling just like my drawing where I have tuned out the voice in my head that tells me that I'm too old to ride a bike or that I will never be as strong of a rider like I was in Oregon. …

Back to my trail running waist size

So finally I am using the belt hole that I used after running my 100k in January 2009.  My life is a long path of waxing and waning waist sizes.  i never throw out pants when they become too large as i lose weight nor do i throw out pants when I can not get in them anymore.  I do not diet my weight and size fluctuation are the result of how much I exercise.  My motto is I bike for chocolate.

Life is a game, play it and complain

This blog entery gets it title from a phrase in the song Accidents by Thunderclap Newman.

I have come to realize that my attitude towards life was shaped in a large way by the music that I listened to as a teen.  This song did not fully materialize into my consciousness until after I had completed the Landmark Forum.  Once I realized that I could make up games and set goals for myself to help me get what I wanted out of life I truly felt liberated.

The key paradigm shift to the accidents song is that when you are complaining about the game you need to hear this as being coached by yourself or your environment.  Let me give you a real life example.

Right now I am playing a game that I have not played in a long time.  The first time that I played this game was when I lived in Portland Oregon.  The name of the game is Bike Commute more miles to work than you drive your truck to work. The rules are simple, I will ride my bike to work more than I drive my truck to work.  Instead of complainin…