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A degree and certifications do not mean you know it all

If you hear someone tell you "I know what right looks like" they probably do not know what they are talking about.  I have been to more than one rodeo in my IT career and I have run into more than one IT professional with a degree and certifications that could not get past a SSH command prompt to save their lives.

Knowing networking theory and managing a network are two different ball games. The difference in teaching routing protocols and configuring a router in a production is like the difference between going to church and jumping out of a helicopter in a war zone.  Which guy would you want on your IT team, a preacher or a battle tested sergeant.

The debate over whether Cisco knows what it is doing with their product line and it's business has been a debate for decades.  I have been around long enough to have used several of the products of companies that Cisco has eventually acquired   I used Aironet wireless gear before Cisco purchased them.  I was using Linksys ge…

Sunrise on Cadiz Kentucky

When I was doing my marathon driving on my way home from Lincoln, Nebraska to Albany Georgia I stopped on the interstate to take these pictures.
 I had spotted the beauty of these fields of grain on my way to Lincoln and in my rush to get there I did not stop to take pictures.  I was amazed to see the morning light happen just like it did on trip to Lincoln so I had a second chance to capture the beauty.
 As always my disclaimer is that i can never capture the real beauty that I experience in real life with a camera.  My man purpose is to document the memory as close as I can.  I posted pictures of this scene with my smart phone on Facebook a few days ago, but these images were taken with the big old canon EOS 10D
This was one of those moments that I decided to capture with my camera.  my favorite time of day for taking pictures is about one or two hours just after sunrise or before sunset.  This is when the sun is about 10 to 15 degrees above the horizon allowing the lighting to be s…