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Tree mural entry way Day 3 and 4

I finished the wall mural.  It took two more days.  I did not want to pain a bunch or flowers by hand so I broke out my air brush and made three stencils for the flowers.  All in all it turned out OK.  I am a bit rusty on painting, but I really like to paint big. See day one and day two.

Oracle, the long and winding road to insanity

Can we say Oracle?  I have been on a deep dive into the land of Oracle 12c for the past two weeks.  Oracle has come a long way since my first encounter the the database during the last century with 8i.  I love the fact that Oracle now has it's own Linux distribution and it works.  Java installers work beautifully with SSH X11 exporting.  Yeah, you still have to know your way around some of the Oracle command line silliness, but that is to be expected.

IMHO Oracle 12c is now a lot like Microsoft SQL in that Oracle now uses a concept called container databases.  With Oracle 12c you can have multiple plug-able databases in a container that you can start and stop independently of each other.  This is similar to MS SQL server in that MS SQL has multiple databases in an instance that you can manage independently.

So I am glad that Oracle is moving in a new direction that I can wrap my head around.  i am sure that I do not have it all figured out, but so far I really like Oracle 12c.  now …

Tree mural entry way Day 2

Added the small branches and one large branch in the background.  Added some more shading details.  Planning how to paint the flowers next.  I am thinking of making a stencil for the flowers.

Tree mural entry way Day 1

+Sylvia Wormley wanted a tree mural for her birthday, so here goes.

The thumbnail plan.

Lighting home projects

I finished a number of lighting projects this weekend at the homestead.  These projects have been hanging around for a long time.  +Sylvia Wormley wanted a ceiling fan over the kitchen table.  She also wanted the chandelier moved from above the kitchen table into the entryway.  When we bought the home there were some old T12 florescent bulb lights present. I replaced them with some cheap odd sized florescent bulbs soon after we moved in.  The replacement lighting did not last long so version one of the under counter lighting was replaced with version two lighting, LED lights.

 I am also going to replace all of the old lighting switches from the old school plates and flippers.  When I painted the walls I painted the cover plates as a temporary measure for dealing with the faded bone colored fixtures.
The new covers will include the modern square switches with the flat rocker flipper.