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Ikea Wall unit finally finished.

This is just another home project finally completed by a person that will never be profitable as a day laborer because I work too damn slow.  Roll the photos now.



Super Bowl Weekend ... Not! Ikea BestA, yes

At this point on a Monday morning I do not know who won the Super Bowl.  Since turning off cable many months ago I have not kept up on any of my favorite sports, basketball and football.  This is the first Super Bowl that I have completely missed in a long time, but I feel that I deserve it.  I believe that in order to really enjoy a playoff game you need to go through the full season of wins and losses of your favorite team so that you can truly appreciate a playoff game.  Since I have not been active involved with any NFL games this year I did not really miss viewing the game.  I did have fun building Ikea furniture.

Here are some images of my Ikea weekend party that I started on February 1, 2014 at 10 AM and finished on February 2, 2014 at 5 AM. I love building things and assembling Ikea stuff.