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Big Hickory Tree Takes Out My BBQ Pit

On 3/30/2014 I had just returned from a late afternoon drive in the country with my wife Sylvia.  I took out the big trash can to the street and as I was walking into my garage I heard this loud popping sound and the snapping of wood.  I looked in the back yard and to my horror a large 100 foot hickory tree was falling directly towards my house.  As it fell the hickory tree hit two other smaller hardwoods and a pine tree and they all came crashing to the ground.  Fortunately the pine tree barley missed the eaves of the house.  The only real causality of the incident was my bar-b-que pit, it is dead.

Security using Cloud based technology

I wanted to document some of the information that I have used in my work and found on the InterWeb about cloud based computing and data security.  I had a lengthy discussion about this topic with my life partner this past weekend so here are some thoughts on these topics.

Secure your data It is not rocket science to say that you need to back up your critical files on a computer.  How do you do it securely and consistently.  the best way to do it is the easiest way to do it, use Google Drive. Since April of 2013 Google has been encrypting data in the cloud on the Google drive by default.  Even if you feel that this is not enough is leaving your computer sitting in your house without a password to lock it more secure?  even if you have a password on it when it is stolen your password can easily be removed and all of your data retrieved from your computer.  When thieves gain access to your home and take a computer they do not want the computer they want the identity data on the computer.

Monday Morning Fast Track

Yesterday I watched some YouTube videos on how to fine tune a derailleur.  I had not cleaned my bike in over a month.  It has been cold and I have just been putting White Lightning on the chain when it got to loud during my commute to work.  Well Sunday evening I decided that instead of watching my girlfriend Ellen host the Oscar awards, I would clean my drive train.

First I wanted to restore movement to my lower gears so I watched a few videos to remind myself of how to do it.  Down here in the flat lands I do not shift much and I wanted to use my small 12 tooth and 13 tooth rear cog on my commutes.  After about 10 minutes of adjusting I was satisfied with my work so I cleaned up the chain.

This morning I rode to work on my 25 mile commute in my smaller cogs and it felt great.  I have been riding in this "single" speed mode for some time as it gives me a chance to get my legs strong for hills and then I will shift gears.  Today was a fast ride and I was having so much fun. …