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My running shoes don't want to walk

I went for a walk today. I got some back talk from my trail shoes.  I had not had them on for a long time.  I was feeling kind of anxious after vacuuming and mopping the floors in the house.  I had the urge to get out on a trail at the near by campus of Darton College.

I ran for 16 minutes and ran 1.3 miles.  My average pace was 13 minutes per mile.  It felt good to be running on a trail again.  I have not had the Dirty Girls out in a long time.  I miss them.

Revised Launi Art Signature Logo

After may years of procrastination, I finally redrew my Launi Art logo in Adobe Illustrator. Another project completed because I am not out on a bicycle riding my life away. This logo was originally used to sign all of my artwork as far back as 1968. I was using this logo before the redesigned Adobe Acrobat "A".

I was inspired to design this logo after a coworker purchased a rotatory engine Mazda and he explained to me how it worked. The engine had 6 cylinders, I thought it would be cool if I could draw a looping star with seven points, or the path for a seven cylinder engine. I took the inspiration from the ability that a 5 point star could be drawn with a continuous line that started and ended at the same point. A six pointed star was drawn using two triangles layered on top of each other with the points of one rotated. I wanted to do an odd numbered star so the 7 pointed star logo was born.

When I sign artwork I combine this 7 pointed star with a modified infinit…