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Smart Phone Cent$

I am just going to list some web refrences on how to save battery life and data usage on a Galaxy 5.  you can find some of this information that will work on most phones, but getting to the settings will be different.  I am doing this on my Blog, because that is what it is for.  I like taking notes so that at least I can find them again.  I personally do not own a Galaxy S5, I have a Note 3.  I was asked by a friend for some advice so I decided to not re-invent the wheel and compile some refrences of what I do on my phone.  I amy learn a trick of two just from reading this stuff.  Who knows I may decide to get a smaller handset in the future.

I am including all of the original header text from the Blogs that I am refrencing in this Blog, just because I can.

8 problems with Samsung’s Galaxy S5, and how to solve them You pay hundreds of dollars for the latest smartphone tech only to find that it’s not working as expected. We feel your pain. Life’s not fair, but don’t give up on your Sams…

Fireworks on Lake Blackshear

Sylvia and I were the guests of William Hancock and his family for Fireworks.  We were on the lake so I decided to take a video.

Proud to be an American

I put an American flag of my porch today.  My dad was in the US Air Force.  He was a radio man.  My dad passed away on 4/1/2004 and this flag was draped on his coffin when he was planted.  I have had this flag folded in a box for 10 years.  I decided to take it out and construct a make shift pole out of some electrical conduit and zip ties that I had in my garage and display it for the Fourth of July.

I rmember as a kid my dad and my uncle Foncel always displayed the flag on national holidays.  I remebe being taught how to take the flag out of the holder on our porch in South Central LA and roll it up after displaying it all day.  My dad told me to never let the flag touch the groun so I was very careful.

As I drive or ride my bike around SW Georgia I see a lot of US flags on nice poles in yards.  Well now I have a bigger flag than any of those homes on my front porch.  Version 2.0 may be a real pole in the yard.

I am proud to be a Freakin'American!