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Legend of Samantha

I finally got my comic back online. My big sister, Deborah Lonnette Wormley Vietze inspired this re-work. I am in the process of looking for a publisher.

Still looking? You bet I am.

I was doing my weekly floor exercise today.  No, I am not a gymnast, I was vacuuming and mopping the floors in my house.  I was listening to Pandora Radio and a U-2 song came on, "I Still Have Not Found What I Am Looking For".  I purchased this CD when it came out last century.  I was living in Southern California at the time and I use to hang out in Joshua Tree and the desert a lot.

Anyway the song got me thinking about the bumper stickers that I see a lot here in Albany, Georgia, "Wise Men Still Seek Him".  I always get dumb founded at religious advertising and I have pondered what is the intention of this sticker.  I have come up with my own sticker as a reply.

Web Development, a bumpy road for me

It has been a long and bumpy road for my web development career.  I have had many starts and stops over the years.  Every time I get things rolling in my brain the technology landscape has shifted a bit.  Every time I change jobs the technology landscape is different.

The way that I learn is like this.  I set up a personal development server for myself. I read books on Safari Online Books so that I can improve my web development skills. Currently I am focusing on using PHP, MariaDB (MySQL), HTML 5 and CSS3. The web site  linked in this blog post is a place for me to test my code. I run these applications on a CentOS 7 server from my home in Albany, GA.  I am not using any fancy development environments or GUI applications. I am reading books and web pages and writing the code directly into the VI text editor from a remote SSH session on my little Linux server. I find that this is the best way for me to learn. I read the text and I try all of the examples to see how they…