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Happy Holidays

+Lonnie Wormley  and +Sylvia Wormley  at the Albany State University Holiday Party.

Albany State University Wireless Network Built with Meraki Equipment.

I wanted to share some good news about the place that consumes the better part of the day during the week for me.  I work at ASU, not Arizona State University, but Albany State University, home of the Golden Rams in Albany, GA.  If we meet in person I will tell you the back story of why ASU is so important to this tale over a Guinness.

Anyway ASU is now featured on the Meraki Cisco web site. There is a Case Study about ASU written on the Customer Stories page.  We are among good company on this page as ASU is listed with MIT and Stanford University among others.

My other reason for writing this posting is to make some noise about my friend and co-worker +Noore Ghunaym.  Most of the time he likes to cut up and be silly, but when it comes to networks, servers and hard drive arrays, this man can do some amazing things.

If you are ever on campus and want a tour of our new data center or get a deep dive into all things wireless Noore is the person to meet.

Information Overload

I have a favorite song that is on rotation on SomaFM Groove Salad. It is by the artist "Solid Doctor" and titled "Faustian Bargain" on the album "Space Jazz".  There is a man talking about the Information Super highway in the background as the music plays.  I have listened to this song for years and today I wanted to find out who it was. The man's name is Neil Postman and the interview was from 1995.

Thanks to Google, I found this video.
CyberSpace:The Internet & Information SuperHighway"Am I using this technology, or is it using me?" Charlene Hunter Gault interviews media theorist and cultural critic Neil Postman on PBS' The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour in 1995. Postman discusses new media and the "Faustian bargain" of technological change in the context of the "Information Superhighway" and the Internet. Read more

Duke University Chapel Chimes

We were cruising around Duke University and came upon the chapel chiming at 5 PM. Check it out.