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Tractor Counter

This is a nice project. Build a countertop out of a tractor tire.

Austin Friends

We are visiting friends in Austin.

Sam's Club in Albany Georgia

Sam's Club in Albany Georgia has some of the lowest price diesel I have ever seen. I never thought I would see a $1.78 per gallon  diesel fuel prices ever. Diesel is back to being lower per gallon than regular. Regul as r cost $1.90.

Master Bathroom Remodel Weekend Number 2

This weekend I am continuing the demolition of the master bathroom.  I finished ripping out the sheet rock from the closet.  I finished up day two by clearing out the shower door and the tile on the shower entry.  I was not surprised to find the first signs of dry rot on the wood near the floor.  Pictures and video of the work are below.

Office salad

Last weekend my wife suggested getting a refrigerator for the office. I went to Sam's Club and got a Whirlpool. So now I'm making salads in my office.Today's salad has spinach leaves avocado small tomatoes carrots salmon and Rachelle special dressing. There is also some relish made from cranberries that Rachelle's brother Dwayne made for Thanksgiving its really yummy.

Master Bathroom Remodel Day One Demo

I finally got started on demolition work in the master bathroom in our house.  I had to install a Zip Wall to keep the dust out of the adjoining bedroom and house.  Then I removed the window in the bathroom so that I could throw all of the construction waste directly outside instead of tracking it through the house.  My plywood and 2x4 storm window works to easily open the window when I am working and close it tight when I am done.

Here are some pictures before the work has started.  These pictures will be more dramatic when they are compared to the finished bathroom.

Black Friday pipe insulation job complete

I ran out of time to finish the job in the attic. Went to Lowes got some half inch pipe insulation chicken finish my installation job.Now on for the next project the master bathroom. Demolition starts tomorrow.

Thanksgiving Day pipe insulation job

We've been in this house almost 5 years. We've been lucky that the cold winters have not burst the pipes that run in the attic. So this Thanksgiving Day that's what I'm doing. I'm putting insulation on my copper water lines.