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What Do the Stats Say about a President?

Obama You be the judge.  As usual do some research to confirm your facts.

Side Show Bob

A friend of my who will remane nameless told me that I remind him of side Show Bob.  I did not know who this was so he had to spell it out for me on google Search.
I am not a big simpsons fan so this is why I was clueless.

Tuesday good morning ride

66 degrees it's really humid the morning song birds sound beautiful I just wanted to let you know that it's going to be a wonderful day.

Hardwood Flooring Has Arrived

We are finally getting the hardwood floors installed in our home.  the white carpet that we have been using from the existing owners has finally got the boot order.  When we first bought the house the carpet was so bad that I thought +Sylvia Wormley was crazy for wanting to keep it until we could afford to replace it.  Well it cleaned up really nice so it lasted four years.  now we are going to replace it with some nice maple flooring.

We went to Columbus, GA to the Lumber Liquidators to get the flooring today.  As usual I get excited when I get to haul a heavy load with my truck.  I hate using a ball hitch trailer, but thanks to some schoolin' from +Dean Lackey I can back up a trailer with confidence.
I nailed backing the truck up our curvy driveway perfectly into our garage door so that unloading the wood would be easy.  It was raining so I wrapped the precious cargo with two tarps.  I did not know what a wind tarp was until I met +Sylvia Wormley.  Wind tarps are great because t…

Haulin' hardwood

4300 pounds of maple hardwood by Bellawood. Pick up point Lumber Liquidators in Columbus Georgia.

Albany State University

It's a beautiful day at Albany State University. This is a nice shot of the old President's house.

Fernandina Beach Florida.

Taking a nice stroll on the beach. +Sylvia Wormley I discovered a wonderful place to visit on our next trip. We love each and had fun at the restaurant near the shore.

Windows 10 Build 10041

I just got a two hour Windows 10 build update from build 9926 to 10041.  I was afraid that I would have to re-install all of my third party applications, but I did not have to.