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Wakulla Springs

I am not going to write about the history of Wakulla Springs, but check it out on the Internet, it is an amazing lodge.  I am going to post all of my pictures here.

Information Security Officer Conference

The conference was held in a beautiful auditorium on the campus of Columbus State University. The woodwork was custom installed  on site by a Swedish craftsman.

Powder room toilet install

I didn't think it was going to take this long but the toilet is finally installed. I had trouble with installing a flange spacer because of the new hardwood floors. We really like this new American standard toilet.

B. B. King, the thrill is gone, but the music lives on

I have been a fan of B. B. King from the time I was old enough to operate a radio, record player or cassette deck.  B.B. King outlived some of the technology that made his music available to me.  now that he has passed on I am listening to his music using technology that will keep his legacy of work around for future generations.

I did not think it was possible for me to listen to the whole catalogue of B. B. king's music via Spotify.  I started listening to this massive playlist yesterday at work.  I continued the list today while working on the front bathroom in my house.  B. b. King is one of the few musical artists that I can just listen to all of his songs and like them all.  B. b. king has also played with a lot of other musicians that are my favorites.

i am sad that he has passed on, but I am glad that he took the time to play his guitar.