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How To Do Blogger

MainToday I am showing a friend of mine how to use Blogger.

Sub Heading Today I am showing a friend of mine how to use Blogger. Minor Heading Today I am showing a friend of mine how to use Blogger.

Jaswant Thada

I have always wanted to visit Jaswant Thada in Jodhpur, India. One reason is that the images of the surrounding geology that I have viewd on the Internet remind me of the southwestern United States. I have explored many of the ancient ruins made by the Anasazi and this area of India seems to have the same appeal to my "got to see this place" nature.

Lately I have seen this image of Jaswant Thada show up on my desktop on my computer. I have Bing Desktop as my wall paper so when the image of Jaswant Thada shows up I start dreaming of being there sitting on the river bank and just relaxing.Paying a visit to this temple is on my bucket list

How To Stay Safe From The Worldwide Diabetes Disaster

Recent studies show that one-half of all Americans are either pre-diabetic or diabetic. If you're a woman with a waistline of 35" or more you are pre-diabetic at least. Diabetic women under the age of 45 have a six-fold greater risk for heart attack, recent research shows.
Sylvia Wormley

By Dr. Mercola

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions around the world,1 with China emerging as the “epicenter” of rising prevalence.

Last year, data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that more than one-third of all Americans are prediabetic, yet nine out of 10 of them don’t know they have it
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I Blew Up My Website, again

What happened is that I always test stuff on my production site so that I can learn stuff about Joomla.  I always make a backup of my site just in case something goes crazy.  Last night I lost the administration menu so I could not do anything, so I decided to start over.  This is what happens when I am not riding my bike, I break my website.

I may decide to do away with the Rocket Theme and develop a simple theme for this version of the site.  For now the site will be blank until I decide which direction to go.

Welcome to Windows 10

I have been using the developers release of Windows 10 for several months on several computers at work and at home. I decided to upgrade to the production version on my home computer a few weeks ago.  The problem that I faced is that I did not own any Microsoft software that could be upgraded.  The last version of Windows that I purchased was Windows Vista.  I have been running various versions of Linux and FreeBSD on my computers at home so what to do.

What I started doing a few weeks ago was watching the prices of older full versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 on Amazon.  I knew if I purchased a version of those versions of Windows that I could upgrade to Windows 10.  I finally purchased Windows 8.1 for about $109.

So I am happy to report that after two failed attempts at letting the auto installer perform the update I am on a production version of Windows 10.  The key thing that I learned about this update is that I had to be present for it to fully install.  I initially thought th…

Georgia Bike Fest Tent Set Up

I purchased a new tent for the Georgia Bike Fest. I ordered it from Amazon along with two Coleman cots.  I wanted to go through setting it up so I would get an idea of how it worked. I set it up in my back yard.  Sylvia and I plan on doing more camping in the future.

Lowest Fuel Cost for my truck

I've been riding my bike alot this summer. I never thought I would see diesel prices this low. Sam's Club diesel price is $2.19 a gallon