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Moana Review

I love musicals especially Disney and Pixar animated musicals.  I enjoyed this feature very much and I especially liked the fact that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson got to show off his singing talents in the film.

Auqasauna Rhino Whole House Water Filter

Our home is equipped with a Auqasauna Rhino Whole House Water Filter.  We purchased this water filter system in the March of 2016 and had it installed in June 2016.  Today I changed the filters for the first time.

More Web Development

I decided to rebuild my website from scratch.  I was having CSS  issues with my new Rocket Theme Photon.  Sometimes I add so much extra stuff on my site that something breaks.  It was time to do some house cleaning so I moved the site to a fresh install of Joomla.  I also updated all of the artwork using the high quality scans that I just had done at Colson Fine Art Printing in Valdosta, GA.  I am pleased with the website redesign and update.

Amazon Series Goliath

I just got through watching Goliath. One of the executive producers is David Eric. Kelly of "Alley McBeal fame. Billy Bob Thornton stars in this mini series about lawyers set in Los Angeles. I will not post any spoilers, but I enjoyed this short eight episode series. 
Goliath was recommended to me by my lawyer friend Howard Stiller.

New Website Design

I got tired of my old simple website design.  I decided to use a new template designed by Rocket Theme to update the look and feel.  Now I am happy with the new look for Wormley Design.

I will be adding some more content using the new template.  I learned some new tricks using SASSY, to control how the web site displays objects.  I like learning more about web technologies and programming.

Joomla 3.6.4 Update JSON error

I fixed the  JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) error on my web site.  I have not had the time to address the issue for several months.  Today I finally got to the root of the problem.  Below is a screen shot of my site with debugging turned on.

I had some help along the way, but here are the links that got me going.  The error was caused by Joomla getting better at the syntax checking.  Old code from extensions were storing parameters int he database incorrectly and that caused the error.  I found a script that helped me identify the error and fixed it.

Here is a link to the fix that I used, 0 Error decoding JSON data: Syntax error after upgrading to 3.6.4.  The key was using a script to show the errors in the database.  That script is here and was written by Robert Went.

Here is the error that I fixed in my extension table in my database for com_languages,


Truck Camper Ideas

History I am in the market for a truck camper.  I use to own a Grand Junction fifth wheel, but now I am thinking about a camper.

I am interested in a truck camper because they are cheaper than a fifth wheel and easier to store.  Our current home does not have the room to park a big trailer.  I am using this Blog post to document some of my findings.

CampLite 6.8 I like this camper because it is made completely from aluminum. There is no wood to rot or anything to get moldy.  It is also light weight.  My truck is a full one ton truck so weight does not matter, but I like the fact that it is light weight which will save on diesel fuel.
The floor plan is nice and includes a full wet room, shower and toilet.  Mainly this will be a two person living area, but it can sleep four.


Lance 650 Truck Camper This small Lance 650 is nice.  It has awnings on two sides.

Arctic Fox 811 This camper has one slide out for the dinning area.

I will use these campers a…

MOMA Fall 2016

Today we went to the Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA).

Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 11

Defeat can still be profitable.”
  ~Phillip Price, eCorp CEO
I am watching what I think is one of the best geek based political social economic stories I have seen ever!  If you think that Idiocracy foretells the future watch Mr. Robot.

Phone Apps for big city transportation

I grew up on the West coast. I am use to driving myself where ever I want to go. I had a short bit of my work commute life in Portland, OR and Austin, TX on buses and trains, but my favorite is commuting on my bike.

So for the first time I used Uber to get from my sister'site house in Plainfield NJ to the near by NJ Transit train station. I used the NJ Transit Apps to research getting to the World Trade Center. My wife Sylvia wanted to see it today. I took this opportunity to use my phone to figure it all out.

Here are photos of the Plainfield Train Station .

Zootopia, Back to the Ostrich Party

I just watched Zootopia on my computer today.  I love good animation with a good story line and Zootopia was just what I needed to adjust to the election of the 45th President of the United States.  I have heard that Zootopia was a good film and I was moved to tears at times as I watched it.  The story touched on how we all need to put our prejudices behind us so that we can all live in a world together.  We all need each other to make the world the best that it can be.

Yes, I am officially going back to the Ostrich Party. The Ostrich Party is my self imposed political black out where I stick my head back in the sand of political ignorance and ignore political noise and focus on the artistic side of my brain.  I know that reality will creep in and I will have to raise my head every once in a while to see what is going on.  For now I am going to watch cartoons and draw and be at peace.

SketchUp Pro 2016

I finally got my hands on SketchUp Pro.  I am learning it by following tutorials on YouTube.  Here is my first project.

Full Hip Replacement X-Ray

On October 20, 2016 I was able to view the X-Ray of my new full hip replacement.  I am not sure if you have seen what a hip replacement looks like so here is mine.

I am still using a walker to get around.  90 year old women with canes are holding the elevator doors for me at the clinic and then passing me on their way to the parking lot.  I try to catch them, but I am clunking along like the ghost of Christmas past.

A Maze For Your Eyes

I finished another drawing. I started the drawing on July 9, 2016 and finished it today on October 2, 2016.  I worked on this drawing almost every day in the early mornings before work.  I have not been on my bike commute routine since work started on this drawing.  I have posted my progress on this drawing on my Google Plus Artwork Collection. I also put all of the progress photos in a Google Photo Album.
I made several notes on the back of my drawing as usual.  I have titled this self portrait "A Maze for the eyes" because most of my artwork is designed for close inspection.  I like to create visual puzzles and mazes for your eye to follow and get lost while you gaze at the drawing.
This is the last drawing that I will complete before I focus on building frames and cutting mats for all of my artwork.  I am preparing for an art show and I hope to get all of my existing artwork framed mad at so that I can display it an art show next year.

My first Umbraco website

I have wanted to try a Windows Server based CMS for a while.  I use to us DNN at a previous employer.  I wanted to try Umbraco so I set up a Windows server environment and got it installed.
My server is  I will be working on more websites in the future.

Lonnie's Chinese Sweet Tea

My good friend Susan Rebecca Miller asked me for my recipe for the way I make tea.  I decided to document it today.

The tea that I used was given to me by my good friend Fen Taylor.  She gave me two large wheels of Chinese Pu'er tea.  I am almost out, but I will order more online.  I love this tea.  Below is a scan of the paper that the tea was wrapped in.

Here is the website where you can order this tea.  The tea is called Spring tree Bada.  I will verify with my friend Fen Taylor if this web site is selling the round wheel or the bags.  I do not want bag tea as it usually has the lowest grade of tea.

First I start with 1/3 cup of tea.  I break of a chunk from the round and break it up and add it to the measuring cup.
Then I add boiling water to fill up my 8 cup measuring bowl.
I add three tablespoons of organic raw local honey.

I let the tea leaves set in the water about 10 to 15 minutes.   While the tea is brewing I start another pot of water boiling.  I like tea that you canno…

Finally a Windows Server Environment

This year my cycling miles are not what they were last year.  I am making good use of my time when I am not riding my bike.  I am drawing more and I am finally making some headway into developing my computer skills.  I have two VmWare EXSi 6.0 host and I have set up a Domain Controller, IIS server and MS SQL database.  I have also set up a separate VLAN and wireless network for all of these servers.  My goal is to get a SharePoint server up and running as well.

I am a self taught learner and I like to dive in and figure out stuff by doing it.  As the information on the Internet increases is is almost impossible to find a limit to what you want to learn by watching a YouTube video or reading a Blog posting.  The way my brain works may seem strange to most, but while some folks find peace in meditation or reading a book, I find relaxation when I listen to music while drawing or while I configure servers and develop web applications.

I am also using a CentOs 7 desktop to access and manag…

My First VLAN

I have decided to learn more about computer networking.  I have always had a small network in my home.  I first started to learn networking when I set up a Linux and BSD server back in the last century.  I got a phone modem and connected to the Internet and set up my first web server.  When I upgraded to an always on DSL connection I started to learn more about networking.

Today I setup my first VLAN on my home network using Meraki gear.  I have a MX64 security appliance and a MS220-80 switch along with some wireless access points on my network.  I am setting up some virtual servers so I decided to put them on a separate VLAN.  The nice thing about the MX64 is that it allows me to set up VLANs and have a DHCP server for each VLAN.

I am going to set up a Microsoft server environment to keep up with the latest server technology.  I will be setting up a SharePoint development environment and some web servers.  I will post more of my experiments here later.

CentOS 7 USB Mounting commands

I have an external USB drive.  I discovered a different way to mount and unmounted it.
udisksctl mount -b /dev/sdb1 -o /archive umount /archive Putting this here for a reminder for myself

Chihuly in the Garden

One of my favorite photos from my visit to the Chihuly in the Garden exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Garden in July 2016.


I bought my second Yubikey as a backup.  It came in the mail yesterday.  I wanted to start securing my data and every reference document for Yubikey advised getting a backup key to use incase you lost the first one.  I lose a lot of stuff so I decided to follow this sound advice and I got another one.  now I am ready to dive in.

I am going down the rabbit hole of making sure all of my passwords to the hundreds of websites and computers that I access have unique and strong passwords.  I am using LastPass to help me manage my passwords and I am using several multi-factor methods to access the resources online and in my office and home to perform computer related tasks.

It has taken me a long time and a lot of research to get to this point of actually committing to a method in the madness of managing passwords.  I have also been using full disk encryption on a few of my laptops and computers and I will use this Yubikey to authenticate access to the data at boot time.

This is the first o…

Workshop Milestone: Sylvia's Car is in the Garage

Today's goal was to get Sylvia's Car into the garage.  That meant that I had to finish up a few work bench projects and then move my stuff back into the workshop.

I replaced the wooden peg board and and permanently mounted my Access Point and tool bar.

I got the drawer mounted and I built a rolling box for my power tools.  I got the inspiration for the rolling box from April Wilkerson.  I used a plastic tray that a mold contractor left at our house a few years ago.  I mad the plastic crate fit on to a lolling platform.  I can remove the crate and use the wooden dolly to move other items.

I built a lumber rack to store long pieces of wood.  I am following the design ideas that I got from watching several woodworkers on YouTube.  I have a small shop, but I am adding several elements that all shops have and a place to store wood material is one of them.

Here are some final shots.

Workshop Bench Drawer Construction

I have never constructed a drawer from with a bottom that is glued into slots on the sides created using a router.  The last workshop bench that I built was in Portland, and I just nailed a box together and put in on a shelf below the bench.  It did not have slides and when it was full of tools it was hard to open.

This work bench is going to have drawers with metal ball bearing slides rated for 100 pounds.  I will also construct some boxes with caster wheels to slide under the bench.  I got the inspiration for this workbench from April Wilkerson.

I have always wanted to have a good set of woodworking tools.  I am gradually buying the tools that I need as I build this work bench.  The skills and the tools that I acquire from building the drawers for my workbench will be used to build drawers in the kitchen pantry.  The kitchen pantry has a bunch of shelves with do not allow for efficient organization of items.  There is also a lot of wasted space, so by adding drawers more items can b…