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What A Deal

I was wondering through the Best Buy in the Perimeter Mall in Atlanta Georgia today. I stumbled upon the Galaxy Note 5 with 64 gigabytes of memory cheaper than I could get it in Albany Georgia. It just so happens that Best Buy was also offering free Samsung gear VR with each new phone. It looks like Santa Claus made a late delivery. Sylvia got one too.

Sam's Club in Albany Georgia

My local Sam's Club in Albany Georgia has the cheapest diesel from Albany Georgia to Austin Texas. Today diesel is $1.62 a gallon.

NRA and Gun Control

Do you remember history?  Sometimes we forget the past and it has a big effect on how we live our lives today.  Do you remember the Black Panther Party?  Well way back in the 1960s in California there was no gun control and Californians could carry guns in public as long as they were not hidden.  Sound familiar, nowadays this is called open carry.  Well all was fine and dandy until the Black Panthers started walking around with loaded rifles, shotguns and pistols.  Low and behold soon after this started happening the National Rifle Association (NRA) started pushing for gun control.  I wonder why in today's world the NRA is fighting gun control? 
California State Capitol March
It began shortly after the shooting of Denzil Dowell. Easy Bay legislator Don Mulford introduced a bill to repeal the law that permitted citizens to carry loaded weapons in public places so long as the weapons were openly displayed [see link to California Penal Code, Sections 12031 and 171.c]. What the Mulford…