Master Bathroom Remodel Weekend Number 11

Milestone was reached this weekend.  As a Valentine's Day present to my wife I got all of the sheet rock removed from the bathroom.  This weekend I had to engineer removing a large mirror without breaking it and remove the vanity so that we can donate it to the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  It takes time removing stuff for a remodel so that you can recycle or reuse the material that you remove.

Removing the Mirror

Remove the faucets from the vanity

Mirror removed

I moved the mirror with the help of two suction cups, plywood and my handy straps.
The mirror will get a new life with a wood frame somewhere in the master bedroom

Removing the Sink

Preparing to remove the vanity

Sink on two 2x4 salvaged from bathroorm

Slid the sink down to the floor using 2x4 as ramp
Hauled sink to the driveway with my trusty dolly and a strap

Removed the sink base using my dolly

Exposed wall with sink removed.

Bare walls to the studs

Bare walls to the studs

Bare walls to the studs

Bare walls to the studs

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