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My First VLAN

I have decided to learn more about computer networking.  I have always had a small network in my home.  I first started to learn networking when I set up a Linux and BSD server back in the last century.  I got a phone modem and connected to the Internet and set up my first web server.  When I upgraded to an always on DSL connection I started to learn more about networking.

Today I setup my first VLAN on my home network using Meraki gear.  I have a MX64 security appliance and a MS220-80 switch along with some wireless access points on my network.  I am setting up some virtual servers so I decided to put them on a separate VLAN.  The nice thing about the MX64 is that it allows me to set up VLANs and have a DHCP server for each VLAN.

I am going to set up a Microsoft server environment to keep up with the latest server technology.  I will be setting up a SharePoint development environment and some web servers.  I will post more of my experiments here later.

CentOS 7 USB Mounting commands

I have an external USB drive.  I discovered a different way to mount and unmounted it.
udisksctl mount -b /dev/sdb1 -o /archive umount /archive Putting this here for a reminder for myself

Chihuly in the Garden

One of my favorite photos from my visit to the Chihuly in the Garden exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Garden in July 2016.


I bought my second Yubikey as a backup.  It came in the mail yesterday.  I wanted to start securing my data and every reference document for Yubikey advised getting a backup key to use incase you lost the first one.  I lose a lot of stuff so I decided to follow this sound advice and I got another one.  now I am ready to dive in.

I am going down the rabbit hole of making sure all of my passwords to the hundreds of websites and computers that I access have unique and strong passwords.  I am using LastPass to help me manage my passwords and I am using several multi-factor methods to access the resources online and in my office and home to perform computer related tasks.

It has taken me a long time and a lot of research to get to this point of actually committing to a method in the madness of managing passwords.  I have also been using full disk encryption on a few of my laptops and computers and I will use this Yubikey to authenticate access to the data at boot time.

This is the first o…

Workshop Milestone: Sylvia's Car is in the Garage

Today's goal was to get Sylvia's Car into the garage.  That meant that I had to finish up a few work bench projects and then move my stuff back into the workshop.

I replaced the wooden peg board and and permanently mounted my Access Point and tool bar.

I got the drawer mounted and I built a rolling box for my power tools.  I got the inspiration for the rolling box from April Wilkerson.  I used a plastic tray that a mold contractor left at our house a few years ago.  I mad the plastic crate fit on to a lolling platform.  I can remove the crate and use the wooden dolly to move other items.

I built a lumber rack to store long pieces of wood.  I am following the design ideas that I got from watching several woodworkers on YouTube.  I have a small shop, but I am adding several elements that all shops have and a place to store wood material is one of them.

Here are some final shots.

Workshop Bench Drawer Construction

I have never constructed a drawer from with a bottom that is glued into slots on the sides created using a router.  The last workshop bench that I built was in Portland, and I just nailed a box together and put in on a shelf below the bench.  It did not have slides and when it was full of tools it was hard to open.

This work bench is going to have drawers with metal ball bearing slides rated for 100 pounds.  I will also construct some boxes with caster wheels to slide under the bench.  I got the inspiration for this workbench from April Wilkerson.

I have always wanted to have a good set of woodworking tools.  I am gradually buying the tools that I need as I build this work bench.  The skills and the tools that I acquire from building the drawers for my workbench will be used to build drawers in the kitchen pantry.  The kitchen pantry has a bunch of shelves with do not allow for efficient organization of items.  There is also a lot of wasted space, so by adding drawers more items can b…

Dog Days Of Summer Work Shop Bench

I got a big fan to help out with the hot humid weather.  Having a little breeze while working in a garage or out on the driveway really helps.

This past Friday, Saturday and Sunday I worked to finish the frames for the two six foot work benches for my shop.  I had an office desk that was purchased used at a garage sale in Austin, Texas that was too big for the house so it was used as a work bench in my garage.  I wanted to repurpose the four drawers in my new work bench.  I will use the other parts on future projects.  All of the 2 x 4 framing was built from wood taken out of the master bathroom.

I also fixed the shop vacuum so that it fit snuggly on my tables saw.  I got some pipe fittings and cut one of the vacuum extension tubes and it works great.  I still have a lot to do to get the saw set up the way that I want, but for now I can make consistent cuts for multiple pieces of wood quickly and accurately.

One of the things that I will make improvements in is my methods of measurem…