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My first Umbraco website

I have wanted to try a Windows Server based CMS for a while.  I use to us DNN at a previous employer.  I wanted to try Umbraco so I set up a Windows server environment and got it installed.
My server is  I will be working on more websites in the future.

Lonnie's Chinese Sweet Tea

My good friend Susan Rebecca Miller asked me for my recipe for the way I make tea.  I decided to document it today.

The tea that I used was given to me by my good friend Fen Taylor.  She gave me two large wheels of Chinese Pu'er tea.  I am almost out, but I will order more online.  I love this tea.  Below is a scan of the paper that the tea was wrapped in.

Here is the website where you can order this tea.  The tea is called Spring tree Bada.  I will verify with my friend Fen Taylor if this web site is selling the round wheel or the bags.  I do not want bag tea as it usually has the lowest grade of tea.

First I start with 1/3 cup of tea.  I break of a chunk from the round and break it up and add it to the measuring cup.
Then I add boiling water to fill up my 8 cup measuring bowl.
I add three tablespoons of organic raw local honey.

I let the tea leaves set in the water about 10 to 15 minutes.   While the tea is brewing I start another pot of water boiling.  I like tea that you canno…

Finally a Windows Server Environment

This year my cycling miles are not what they were last year.  I am making good use of my time when I am not riding my bike.  I am drawing more and I am finally making some headway into developing my computer skills.  I have two VmWare EXSi 6.0 host and I have set up a Domain Controller, IIS server and MS SQL database.  I have also set up a separate VLAN and wireless network for all of these servers.  My goal is to get a SharePoint server up and running as well.

I am a self taught learner and I like to dive in and figure out stuff by doing it.  As the information on the Internet increases is is almost impossible to find a limit to what you want to learn by watching a YouTube video or reading a Blog posting.  The way my brain works may seem strange to most, but while some folks find peace in meditation or reading a book, I find relaxation when I listen to music while drawing or while I configure servers and develop web applications.

I am also using a CentOs 7 desktop to access and manag…