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Truck Camper Ideas

History I am in the market for a truck camper.  I use to own a Grand Junction fifth wheel, but now I am thinking about a camper.

I am interested in a truck camper because they are cheaper than a fifth wheel and easier to store.  Our current home does not have the room to park a big trailer.  I am using this Blog post to document some of my findings.

CampLite 6.8 I like this camper because it is made completely from aluminum. There is no wood to rot or anything to get moldy.  It is also light weight.  My truck is a full one ton truck so weight does not matter, but I like the fact that it is light weight which will save on diesel fuel.
The floor plan is nice and includes a full wet room, shower and toilet.  Mainly this will be a two person living area, but it can sleep four.


Lance 650 Truck Camper This small Lance 650 is nice.  It has awnings on two sides.

Arctic Fox 811 This camper has one slide out for the dinning area.

I will use these campers a…

MOMA Fall 2016

Today we went to the Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA).

Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 11

Defeat can still be profitable.”
  ~Phillip Price, eCorp CEO
I am watching what I think is one of the best geek based political social economic stories I have seen ever!  If you think that Idiocracy foretells the future watch Mr. Robot.

Phone Apps for big city transportation

I grew up on the West coast. I am use to driving myself where ever I want to go. I had a short bit of my work commute life in Portland, OR and Austin, TX on buses and trains, but my favorite is commuting on my bike.

So for the first time I used Uber to get from my sister'site house in Plainfield NJ to the near by NJ Transit train station. I used the NJ Transit Apps to research getting to the World Trade Center. My wife Sylvia wanted to see it today. I took this opportunity to use my phone to figure it all out.

Here are photos of the Plainfield Train Station .

Zootopia, Back to the Ostrich Party

I just watched Zootopia on my computer today.  I love good animation with a good story line and Zootopia was just what I needed to adjust to the election of the 45th President of the United States.  I have heard that Zootopia was a good film and I was moved to tears at times as I watched it.  The story touched on how we all need to put our prejudices behind us so that we can all live in a world together.  We all need each other to make the world the best that it can be.

Yes, I am officially going back to the Ostrich Party. The Ostrich Party is my self imposed political black out where I stick my head back in the sand of political ignorance and ignore political noise and focus on the artistic side of my brain.  I know that reality will creep in and I will have to raise my head every once in a while to see what is going on.  For now I am going to watch cartoons and draw and be at peace.

SketchUp Pro 2016

I finally got my hands on SketchUp Pro.  I am learning it by following tutorials on YouTube.  Here is my first project.