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My MariaDB Cluster, Finally

I usually do not struggle getting something to work on a server.  I wanted to get a MariaDB 10.1 cluster going for development purposes and to learn more about clusters.  I started following documentation on CentOs7 for about 2 weeks and then gave up.  Then I switched to Ubuntu and struggled for another two weeks.  then this morning I got my three node cluster working.

I basically took parts of my CentOs 7 knowledge and combined it with the Ubuntu knowledge.  Getting the first node up on Ubuntu was easy, I never got it working on CentOs 7.  Getting the other two nodes to join the cluster was hard.  Today I decided to copy the main cluster config to the other nodes and started MariaDB and they joined.

Now I can move on and start my Udemy classes

BTW, I have been working on this project instead of drawing in the morning and evening before and after work.

Home Projects for January 2017

This month I was able to get back to working on my house.  It was very frustrating to be physically limited to working on my house due to my bicycling injury.  I am glad that I am getting back to normal.

January 15 - Making the attic safe to work. I started working on making the platform in the attic above the hall safer to walk on.  I have been working in the area as it is adjacent to the master bathroom.  The existing plywood was un even and not completed supported.  I also had to temporarily remove some of the plywood decking to expose the area where I was installing the new data center and access point.
Garage Attic Platform I have been climbing up these attic ladder stairs for a long time.  I decided to add some plywood at the top where I step every time I go up or down.  the addition of the plywood makes it safer.

Fixing the attic decking above the hallway near water heater The original construction for this area was not meant for storage like the area above the garage.  This ar…

Mediacom Status for 2017 Month 01

Last year in October we switched our Internet plan to a higher download limit.  I tried to get ! terabyte of download in October and November, but missed the mark.  This month I went over by 25GB.  I will try each month to get as close to my limit without going over.

Life is a game and we play it all the same, there is no end.Thunderclap Newman:Accidents

SE Linux baby steps

Maybe not a big deal for most, but I figured out what was wrong with my uplod issues.  I had to configure my directories that needed to have files uploaded to them for read write in the SE Linux context.  Here is the command I ran on my Word Press content directories.
chcon -R -t httpd_sys_rw_content_t /var/www/html/wordpress-multi/wp-content/uploads/  Now I can upload pictures to my test site.

Nightmares on Wax - Argha Noah

One of my favorite "Chill" tracks.  I discovered this a few years back while listening to SomaFM Groove Salad.  I have since changed from listening to SomaFM and Pandora to Spotify.  I have had Nightmares on Wax in my playlist for a while, but never this track.  Today I decided to search for it and I added it to My Chill playlist..

I like music with a "intelligent" rap in it.  sometimes it can be 1960's space program communication, or transcendental teachings.  This track has a historical passage which defines the real meaning of a Biblical story, the Waters of Chaos celebration in ancient Egypt.  Take a listen.