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Kitchen Soap Dispenser Hack

I was refilling my kitchen soap dispenser the other day and somehow the person doing the work broke the ends of the threaded pipe that the refillable bottle connects.  I did not panic, I just went to Loews to get another one.  I was not surprised to find out that I could only buy a matching blackened copper finish soap dispenser if I bought a complete kitchen facet set. Arrrrgh.

So I decided to get a cheap plastic chrome replacement.  Before I opened the box I read the description and it described how you could use the included tubing to bypass the refillable bottle and connect to a large liquid soap bottle.  This would eliminate having to go under the sink every few weeks to refill it.  Instead of keeping the cheap dispenser, I bought some 1/2 inch OD by 3/8 inch ID tubing and fitted my existing dispenser with it.  I cut a 1/2 inch hole in the top of my super size Dawn bottle from Sams club and viola, it works.

Udemy Programming Class for the New Year

Each New Year Udemy offers a discount on their classes.  This year I signed up for about 5 classes.  One of the classes is Introduction to Modern Programming with PHP.  I decided to freshen up my skills and expand my knowledge a bit in the web development arena.  I love working with web applications, but I have never formally studied it.  Most of the time I have gained knowledge under the pressure of fixing something that is broke or because there was no one else available to work on it.  This year I decided to take control and learn at my own pace and enjoy what I am learning.

Two years ago I started playing around with Twitter Bootstrap and never went anywhere with it.  Last night and today I learned more about Twitter Bootstrap than I ever did fooling around on my own.  In the course I also learned about a wonderful Text editor named Atom.  I have been using Notepad and Adobe CS6 Dreamweaver to write code in and now I will always use Atom.

I have a live link to my UDEMY Introductio…