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Barbra Streisand is 75

Spotify Honors Barbra Streisand with Play List I started following this playlist at 65 followers.  I have always had a lot of joy listening to Barbra sing.  One of my first compact discs was the Broadway Album.

I was a courier in Los Angeles a long time ago. I delivered IBM computer parts and Movie and Television industry items. I had a deliver to Barbra's house in Bel Aire one day, but she of course did not answer the door. Someone else signed for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts parcel that was addressed to her.

Life After Cutting The Cable TV

Introduction I often get asked if I have watched a popular TV or Cable show.  My short answer is usually no, I only have Internet access in my home and I stream all of my visual entertainment. Well in this article I am going to reveal my media environment which consist of five applications that I will briefly list below.  First I want to acknowledge +Noore Ghunaym who supplied technical information on setting this entertainment environment up and my wife +Sylvia Wormley for the inspiration to use technology for fun.
NewsDemon The first tier of this system is good old Usenet.  I am using NewsDemon.  If you have been on the Internet before web browsers then you know what Usenet is.  If you do not know, click here.

DOGnzb After getting an account on a Usenet provider I had to get an account on an on a Usenet Indexer.  I am using DOGnzb.  If you do not know what a Usenet Indexer is, click here.
SABnzbd After getting a Usenet Indexer I needed to get binary news reader.  I am using SABnzbd