Labor Day barbecue

This is going to be a running account of my barbecue experience right now it's 10:34 a.m. in the morning and I just starting to put the rub on the four slabs of ribs. These are pork spare ribs that I got at Sam's Club
Ribes are washed in the sink
I remove the water moisture from the ribs with commercial towels that I got from Sam's Club.
Terry Cloth towels are great for absorbing moisture off of spareribs.

Once the ribs are dry I apply the dry rub.  Sylvia made a spicy rub from scratch for one slab and I used Mikes Country Store Rub for the other three slabs.
Spareribs with the dry rub.

I wrap the ribs in tin foil until the smoker is fired up and ready for meat.
The smoker is ready with a temperature of about 233 degrees

The meat is finally on the grill at 12:30 PM.  dinner is scheduled for 5 PM
I am only using about one-third of my top rack for these four slabs of spareribs.

Finally, I can serve the ribs along with other side dishes at the dinner party at 5 PM.
Come and get it

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