Do Do Do Working In Our Backyard.

Today, Sylvia and I are working on putting up deer fence in our yard. We’re also spending the weekend just working in our Intown Forest Park. As I was walking from the back of our property I saw these beautiful little while flowers and decided to add them to the pictures of the difference post that I just set.

My Logan 750 – 1 professional mat cutter

I finally have a professional mat cutter of my own. When I was just out of high school I worked for Aaron Brothers in La Jolla California. That is where I learned how to make frames cut mats and got a chance frame a lot of really nice artwork. Now that I have some artwork of my own that is ready I’m going to cut my mats and build frames

These pictures show my first mat cut on the new mat cutter. I took one of my sketches out of my sketchbook to do a test. I’m probably going to frame this because Sylvia likes it.

Drawing To Music

I am a music freak. Dave Luxton is one of the artists that I like to listen to when I am drawing early in the morning. One of my favorite compositions by Dave is “Return to a Distant Star”.  I love the music genera, Ambient Space Music and Dave’s use of archived space communications from the Houston Space Center is classic.

Cutting firewood for the smoker

I’m getting ready to smoke some ribs for the Super Bowl party that I’m going to tomorrow. I’ve had this Husqvarna 440 chainsaw sitting in my garage for a few months. I got it at Lowe’s on sale. I have been a Stihl chainsaw person most of my life. But I decided this time around to buy a Husqvarna.

This Husqvarna 440 is perfect for my needs as I’m only doing small cutting chores like cutting firewood for my smoker and maybe taking down some storm damage trees. The quick start guide was great and the chainsaw started right up.

SmartThings garage door opener

Finally after years of research and lamenting about which technology I was going to use for my smart garage door opener I bit the bullet and bought one. I went with the Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave controller so that I can hook it into my SmartThings Hub.

My garage door opener is very old and was manufactured around 1993. The install took me about 45 minutes from start to finish. Pairing the linear garage door opener to my smart thing Hub was very easy. I followed the simple instructions and got it working but first time out of the sheet.

My existing button door opener inside of the garage and the garage door opener in my wife’s Avalon still work. Now I can get rid of the ancient garage door opener remote that I’ve had in my truck for three years.

Aquasana whole house water filter change

Today was the day to change water filters. The large brown water filter in this image is the filter that I change every 3 months. The small black filter is the filter that I change every six months. Both of these filters start off being white as shown in the photograph.

The larger filter is the first filter in line cartridge Aquasana system. The small filter is the last filter in our Aquasana system.

We really love our whole house filtering system. Taking a shower and not getting the harmful chlorine gas is a health benefit to having this whole house water filtering system. An additional Advantage is that our plumbing fixtures do not get the mineral stains from the unfiltered water that we used to get before installing the filter.

Wormley Design gets a face lift

Wormley Design, (WD) got a new look and feel today. I had let the site languish in an unfinished state for several months.  I wanted to link the WD site to my new graphics site.  I was in a restaurant in Tallahassee last evening and I met the owner.  The woman that owns the Cypress Restaurant displays artist artwork on the walls.  I gave her my card and expressed a desire to show my work if she wanted to.  I gave her my business card so that she can see my work online.

Making this offer I decided it may be best to have my business card updated so that if anyone goes to the site they will be able to see my artwork.

Sometimes life gets in the way of a New Year’s resolution

So in the year 2016, I started working on setting up a new graphics website to display my artwork and house a store.  I started the site redesign around the holidays late in 2016 and through new year in 2017.  I was recuperating from a broken hip so I had time off from work to focus on the project.  Well, I went back to work and started exercising when I could walk without a walker and the personal web design got dropped to the bottom of the task list.

Well, I am happy to say that I finally have a presentable and working website for my artwork.  The new site is Launi Art,  I moved all of my personal web development to Word Press.  I slowly transitioned away from any web freelance work so that I could focus on my home renovations and my artwork.  I have so many ideas for projects besides drawing and painting that I want to do. Having a working store is a real milestone for me.  I am using WooCommerce for my store.  It was easy to set up and test.

So as you can see it takes me a long time to get a new years resolution completed.  I like making up my own goals and games in life.  I am much harder on myself that you would think when making up my games.  One of the games that I played in 2015 after being almost killed by a motorist while riding to work in 2014, was to ride my bike 10,000 miles in one year.  I did it, but I did not have time to do anything else that year but ride, work, eat and sleep. New Year’s resolutions can be a burden to some, but I enjoy them because I know that I can make them up facer the challenge of doing them.

Getting this website up was a labor of love that spanned a few years.  I am as you would expect never finished with a website.  It will evolve, change and grow from here on out, but I am happy with it for now.