Creativity, like a fine wine?

When I am walking on the ranch or riding my bike down the country roads I am getting a strong urge to paint again on real canvas. I have never dared to think like this in over 30 years, but the artist buried inside has never died.

I feel like I am in a cultural re-habilitation center and I am peeling off layers of learned habits that have hindered my freethinking for some time. I also feel the challenge to put up or shut up. I have been presented a rare opportunity to resurrect the art machine and dust off the equipment in my brain to see if it all still works. It is like restoring a vintage automobile and wondering if it will run again after you have invested time and energy in fixing it up.

If you are a creative person I am sure that you can understand that the creative process like training for an athletic event takes time to develop. You do not go out and do the iron man without training for it. I am now firmly committed to a training process for my creative brain. The web log (Blog) was the first step as I have been doing conditioning by writing more about what is around me. The second step is going to be taking digital pictures. Taking pictures will help restore my eye for composition. The next step will be sketching which is the hard part but will be the most rewarding.

I do not have the funds to travel to an exotic place for inspiration, but coming from Oregon to Texas is pretty exotic for me. Texas has everything from a fragile endangered Houston Toad to more super duty pick-up trucks than anywhere in the world. Austin is the home of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Lance Armstrong two of my heroes so this part of Texas has many diverse extremes constantly pulling at your brain for attention. Austin is to Houston like Portland is to Seattle which is why this area is the only place that I will live in Texas.