Moving Day, Shake Rattle and Roll

The house is on the ranch now and I can give a sigh of relief. I was worried that the house would not make it down the narrow Wormley Lane, but it did. I stood in the middle of the lane as I watched the truck towing the house move very slowly towards me towing one half of the 16 foot wide by 48 foot long home. The home is a Palm Harbor model PHT348A1 – Pecos and is 1488 square feet with 3 bedrooms and two baths.

The truck rolled passed the front gate to the ranch. I had hired a man to open up the barbed wire fence to allow the two trucks easy access to the ranch. The two trucks are seen here turning onto the ranch with the house. It was really strange to watch these two 35,000 pound objects slowly lumber across a pasture that cows were in a few weeks before. Was the house moving or was the sky moving, it was hard to tell as I watched the front half of the house roll into position over the concrete foundation. Once both halves were in place the trucks could un-hook and level them for the leveling crew to move into their final position. Here I am standing in front of the house. Here is my dad standing in front of the house.