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Archive for November 2003

Stormy Sunday

Sitting here on the ranch in the kitchen looking out the window as the wind blows from the north I feel safe and protected for the first time. On other occasions when I was out here and a rain shower showed up I just roughed it out with just my raincoat. Today after my meeting…

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Off the grid

There has to be something said about being completely off grid. By this I mean having a house that is not connected to any power company or city water or sewer. To a lot or rural residents this is a way of life, but for me it is a first time thing. The Lone Worm…

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Raining Music in Central Texas

I worked all day Monday November 17 in off and on rain showers out on the ranch. There was a tornado watch in the area until 1 PM. I found out later by watching the news from my motel room that Houston (120 miles away from ranch) had tornado touch downs and a lot of…

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Self-Motivation and cycle therapy

What does the term Self Motivation mean? This question has been kicking around in my head more than usual the last few days. I read the term a lot as I review job descriptions. Employers are always looking for self motivated applicants for their open positions. What do they really mean?I pondered this thought as…

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Under the Radar

After spending 10 days in a burning southern California I returned to central Texas and it is starting to feel like home. As I drove out to the ranch on Highway 71 I felt calm and happy to as I drove past the pine trees. I grew up in southern California and have fond memories…

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