Under the Radar

After spending 10 days in a burning southern California I returned to central Texas and it is starting to feel like home. As I drove out to the ranch on Highway 71 I felt calm and happy to as I drove past the pine trees. I grew up in southern California and have fond memories of living there, but this last visit was very traumatic for me. Seeing the news on TV and watching the forest burn in the Crestline area of the San Bernardino Mountains really hurt. As I drove though the pine trees in Texas I felt a feeling that I had not felt since I lived in Crestline. It was living and working at Camp Mozumdar that I got my first taste of living in a rural environment and I have always missed that lifestyle.

So why did I wind up here in Texas at this point in my life. There are more reasons than I would want to share publicly on this page, but one that I will share is a recent camping trip on a friend’s 5-acre ranch in Bend, Oregon. Every time I have visited Bend with my family I have wanted to live there. On recent visits it was frustrating to enjoy being there because I knew that each visit would eventually end. I also came to realize that I would never have an opportunity to live in Bend. Staying on my friend’s ranch was one reason I knew that I had to go to Texas and take care of my dad’s ranch before it just went to waste. It is very difficult for my family for me to be here. It has been a difficult year for me as I have been looking for a job since June 7, 2002. I thought that Portland was going to be my final answer, but after being bounced out of three jobs in the northwest in 15 years I felt it was time for radical change. These are just two of the reasons I am here in Texas trying to live just under the radar.