Texas Style Off Road Mountain Bike Ranch

Well I had a chance to ride with some of the local bikers on a mountain bike trail on a cattle ranch. It was quite the challenge on a number of levels. first I was riding with four expert riders that were younger than me by at least 10 years. Second I’m not in the best of bike cycling shape as I have been riding less since I have been un-employed. Third I have more experience road riding and have to un-learn road technics when riding off-road. Finally the fourth challenge is that this trail is not a hiking trail but was designed to give a biker a challenge.

This sort of trail training is what I need to get beter and to stay in shape, but it was not the most fun to ride. There were lots of tight turns between tres and lots of quick steep short climbs and dips. It was a very technical trail that was 9.75 miles in length but was never more than a mile from the starting point. The trail was cut like a corn maze through a pine and oak forest.

I’ll add links here later.