End of the Year Reflection

Here is a photo of my new server erowyn.zaramyth.net (she was the only female to actually use a sword in Lord of the Rings)

The two IP addresses of the server are and 8

These Cobalt Raq servers recently went into end of life from Sun. They are nice and have a cool web interface. You can pick them up real cheap nowadays. The WISP that I just signed an agreement to work for is letting me use one of his old ones to learn how to run a hosting system. There is nothing there yet as I’m currently setting it up.

If you want to see more photos of the Cyber Shop in Giddings go to:
–> Wormley Photos
–> Click on search
Enter Total Access in the search box and click search

I never expected to wind up working for a WISP running a Cyber Shop doing computer repair (Win98 problems and replacing modems mostly) and helping small town farmers with computers. The shop does not officially re-open until after the New Year. It has been closed for about six months because the guy that ran it retired. He was a heavy smoker and did not like to deal with people very much. Giddings, Texas is about 17 miles from the ranch. Total Access (http://www.totalaccess.net) is a WISP/ISP in central Texas. The Giddings location is just a satellite location from the main HQ in Elgin, Texas 30 miles away. I’m not going to get rich here, but the owner wants me to help him grow his business to the next level. Folks here really like the fact that there are guys around to fix these dang puters.

You can appreciate the picture of the Cobalt in the rack and what it means to me symbolically. Soon I’ll finally have a radius server with a certificate. Total Access wants to start putting Linux based APs in small businesses. The Cobalt will be my own personal server to do house my graphic clients and web clients work. Ted Green, the guy who owns Total Access has been running the business for 10 years and has survived the dot bomb and is giving the big Telco’s a run for their money. Texans are loyal and love the local guy. Verizon and Time Warner are as evil down here as 10 Qwest or MS companies.

I’m not trying to paint a completely rosy picture as it is still tuff to survive in the sticks with hicks, but it sure is rewarding as all get out. You may or may not know it but I was a Moonie for 5 years before I got married. Before that I was a hippie artist that wandered the streets of San Diego sketching portraits in bus stations and cafes. I’m having so many deep revelations about life just like I did in my early twenties. Every time I go through a spiritual makeover I think that I’m doing something that was never done before in my family. Here is a picture of my dad in his 20’s http://www.wormley.org//Photos/Lonnie1/Roll-03/w105.jpg. He worked for a small company in NY that installed some of the first TV antennas. He also ran a small TV repair shop in LA for a while before he became a minister. If you dad is still alive spend time talking to him about what he was like when he was young and you may learn a lot about where you are know and where you will wind up. I also find that this is the first time that my favorite radio station is also listened by another member of my family. Uncle Cliff and I both listen to KVET out of Austin, Texas. This is a country station that plays a lot of the old classic country and western songs.

So today I was working on a Win98 box that had a failing HD that a women bought it in a few days ago. I grabbed all her data onto another drive before it bit the dust. As I was working I started thinking about the folks that taught me something about what I was doing. The names Bob Maddock, Richard McDaniel and Rick Tipton came to me as I was working on the computer. I sure am thankful to them for taking the time to teach me some computer crap.